Via Skeeter sailor Mike Acebo who remembers and misses a great friend of iceboating, the late Rich Crucet US500:

“Here are two videos of mine with DN content.  One is of Rich Crucet light air practicing on his home ice, Lake Ronkonkoma.  Another is of Rich and I sailing on our other favorite lake, Bantam in CT. This is the last sailing video of Rich prior to his passing.  Rich was the most influential force in the Lake Ronkonkoma Ice Yacht Club for many years. He was a Long Island iceboat builder, teacher, instructor and friend to all classes of iceboat sailors.  Rich pushed us all to build or repair our boats in the summer, make roof racks and trailers ready and get our selves ready to travel.
Rich traveled often, knew many and helped all.  Every lake I sail on brings memories of sailing with Rich and our evenings together over dinner story telling.  I learned so much from him.  My efforts and love for iceboating are directly related to Rich Crucet and Jack Jacobs, both who invested time and shared all in my efforts to build and sail better.”
Video: Rich Crucet & Mike Acebo on Bantam Lake