The sample ballot posted below is on its way to your mailbox. There’s also a form for dues on the other side if you want to pay by check and mail with your ballot. You can always pay dues online using Paypal by clicking here. If you do not receive a ballot, please contact me and I will drop one in the mail for you.

Here is a message from IDNIYRA North American Commodore, Eric Anderson:

Bylaws Change:

“For many years the IDNIYRA  governing committee and Regatta chairman have not been  strictly following the bylaws in regards to late fee dates and penalty to register for the Gold Cup or North American Championship.  In part there has been a feeling that strict adherence to the rules in question resulted in regatta attendance to be lower and causes more problems than it solved.  The governing committee however feels strongly that we can’t continue to ignore the bylaws, and is initiating a change by sending a proposal to ballot.

The governing committee is proposing new language for this section of the bylaws so that the rules align with how the class operates.  Additionally it will give regatta organizers some additional flexibility.  At the same time, it makes clear when the Notice of Race will be published, and outlines key things that it must contain.    I believe this is a positive change for the class and hope that you will support this effort.”
Eric Anderson
IDNIYRA Commodore