You’ve worked hard this year, so go ahead and buy yourself that gift you’ve been putting off—that registration for the DN North American Championships.  If you get it done before midnight today, the Grinch won’t even slap you with that $50 late registration fee, that we’re not calling a late registration fee.  We’re calling it a “convenience fee,” because pre-event research revealed that ice sailors prefer to spin things toward the positive.  So, we’re offering you the convenience of registering after midnight tonight for JUST an additional $50 bucks.  Yes, you heard that right, JUST $50 bucks.  What’s $50 bucks, anyway? Your weekly Starbucks budget? A week’s cable bill? The tip you left for the cocktail waitress at the last regatta? Chump change!  So go ahead, put it off as long as you like, we’ll still welcome you at the event like the prodigal son.
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Because I Love You

As long as you’re in the giving spirit, how about buying your spouse, your latest Tinder hookup, your kid or a good friend a customized Twenty20 North American Championship thermal vest, customized with their sail number, name or secret message that only the two of you will understand.  $45 bucks and an email to Deb Whitehorse with the men’s or women’s size selection and the custom embroidery you want, and your love vest will be delivered to you at the Championships.  To get in on this deal, however, you must email Deb by midnight December 31.