2020 Election of Officers and Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws


Late on Friday May 15th, IDNIYRA members in good standing will receive invitations to participate in an electronic ballot. The ballot will be open until May 29th. Your participation is encouraged. Should you expect a ballot but not receive one by May 16th please contact Deb Whitehorse. 


Our annual election of officers is presented as questions 1-5 on the ballot. Question 6 revises IDNIYRA By-law ‘General, paragraph 2,’ to align financial responsibilities for IDNIYRA regattas with current practice and strengthen financial accountability. Questions 7 and 8 revise our Constitution and By-laws to eliminate confusion and duplication between the North American governing documents and the international agreements. Areas of the Constitution and By-laws which are not covered in the EPIC Agreement or Race Management Agreement will remain in the original documents. The Governing Committee recommends support for Questions 6, 7 and 8.


The Constitution and By-law amendments proposed in Questions 7 and 8 can be pre-viewed in the most recent Runner Tracks, available at the following link:

Runner Tracks May 2020


Warren Nethercote, KC 3786

Commodore IDNIYRA