Day 1 Gold Fleet Race. Photo: Gretchen Dorian
Preliminary Results

Patience paid off this morning as the Race Committee postponed racing on the half-hour because of lack of wind. Finally, at 11:30, Dan Heaney and George Gerhardt, who had been standing in the middle of Black Lake watching the wind readings, reported that the breeze had filled in and there was enough to race. The wind was about 10 – 15 mph, and between the intermittent snow squalls, each fleet went around the track for a total of 3 races. Both of my weather apps failed to predict the wind today, showing that getting to the lake is the only way to know if the wind is there. Temperatures were frigid again, but it seemed like everyone has adapted to the conditions.

U.S. Nationals
Thursday, January 28
10 AM First Race
Gold Fleet
Three races are planned for each fleet.
Be prepared for possible postponement onshore with the light wind forecast.