IDNIYRA Governing Committee Comments on the 2021 Technical Ballot

There are three questions on the Autumn 2021 IDNIYRA Technical Ballot. The two continental Governing Committees have views on the three proposals being presented to the members.


The first question seeks approval for a 25% increase in the maximum size of windows in the DN sail. It permits, but does not require larger windows. The potential safety benefits of larger windows are obvious and both the IDNIYRA Governing Committee and the European National Secretaries support the proposal and recommend its approval.


The second question introduces a requirement for a break away feature in the steering post head as a safety feature. The proposal includes neither a grandfathering clause nor a phase in schedule so if the proposal is approved, all DNs will require a steering post with break away capability for the 2023 season. The European National Secretaries support the proposal. The IDNIYRA Governing Committee is concerned about the lack of commercial availability of a break away steering post head, notes that modifying the ubiquitous Sarns steering post head to that end may not be feasible, and cannot recommend approval at this time.


The third question proposes making DN hull numbers optional rather than obligatory. The European National Secretaries, who originally proposed obligatory numbers, oppose the change. The IDNIYRA Governing Committee supports the proposal because the numbers do not appear to have contributed to safety or race management as originally intended.


Jody Kjoller IDNIYRA Commodore