The IDNIYRA Technical Committee has determined based on facts found from numerous Hamrak/Icewise existing runner planks, that they fail to satisfy class specifications . Much time and careful consideration has gone into this decision. As of this notice, ALL Hamrak/Icewise runner planks shall be deemed illegal from this point going forward.


Owners who have found themselves with such a runner plank(s) may attempt to verify construction in order to exonerate them for use in IDNIYRA competitions.


The required method to do this shall be by providing a core sample of each plank within a designated area (see attached Image) Hole must be ¾” /19 mm diameter and go completely through full max thickness point of plank in region.


A hole saw must be used. NOT a drill bit. Remnant plug from hole saw is to be inspected and digitally photographed as well as a closeup up the hole itself showing interior construction if possible. Plug and or its remnants are the best way to evaluate.


IDNIYRA in NORTH AMERICA: These photographs shall be forwarded to any North American Technical Committee member for determination of legality. (North American TC members: Jeff Kent, Paul Goodwin, Steve Orlebeke)
IDNIYRA EUROPE: These photographs shall be forwarded to any class or National measurer, or to any member of the European Technical Committee for determination of legality. (European TC members: David Croner, Tomek Zackrzewski, Argo Vooreemaa)


If found to comply with specifications, area of hole may be repaired but not to be covered by paint or excessive fillers . Area of hole shall remain exposed until plank has been deemed legal by core sample / inspection and used in a continental regatta or higher to demonstrate its allowed use.


After that it may be faired and painted if so desired It is suggested you retain any and all information regarding this verification for future use. Hopefully you will not need to.


Voted by the TC

Jeff Kent US3535, Chairman, IDNIYRA Technical Committee
David Croner S1
Paul Goodwin US46
Tomek Zackrzewski P55
Steve Orlebeke US4926
Argo Vooreemaa C36
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