Travel partners John Winquist L601 and Timoleon “Cara” Caravitis at the one and two block at the start of Race 7.

Grand Masters Day 2 Report
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With the snow melted from the ice and a 9-knot breeze, speed sails and 90-degree runners were the choices of the day, according to Mike Bloom US321. Four race winners (Holger Petzke G890, Jean Claude Vuithier Z39, John Winquist L601, and Tomas Lindgren S81) indicated a competitive fleet and made for exciting spectating from my own caller’s point of view.

In addition to the Race Committee (Dideric, Vesa, Fosse, Deb, and Mercedes), a separate Racer’s Committee was appointed, consisting of Manfred Schrieber G99, John Winquist L601, and John Claude Vuithier Z29. They help decide things like the number of races and whether the conditions are suitable for racing. The sailors are instructed to go to them with questions about anything that happens on the race course.

At dinner last night, competitors filled long tables and recounted the racing. Olli Virta L121, one of the Grand Master (GM) founders, joined our table last night and helped us celebrate the birthday of a co-founder of the GM (he knows who he is) and the birth of Hakon Elfstrom’s grandson. In addition to the excellent food here, the hotel is less than five minutes from the launch. Rattvik is one of the best regatta locations I’ve ever experienced.

I could hear the wind rattling the windows during the night. The forecast is for a big breeze. Today is the last day of the regatta.