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The DN Iceboat

A Brief History of the DN - by Don Daller - US 46

icon_new The Blue Streak 60 (the Original DN Iceboat) - by Paul Goodwin (December 2008)

Newsletter Article Archives

The following articles are a compilation of past articles on DN sailing, taken from the class newsletters and online postings. The emphasis of the articles is safety, building, tuning, sailing, and miscellaneous information useful to the pursuit of iceboating. The articles represent the particular author's point of view on their subject. It is up to you to decide what makes the most sense to you. For a more complete book on DN sailing read "Think Ice - Millenium Edition". See Publications for information on how to get this and other IDNIYRA publications.

Note: Article titles shown in bold (without links) are for reference and will be added at a later date. IF you have a particlular interest in these articles, email the webmaster with a request to expedite them.



  • Boom Adjustment - by Ken Smith Jr (February 1988)
  • Aluminum Luff Tube-Wood Mast - by Ken Smith Jr (February 1988)
  • Block Efficiency - by Bob Dill (June 1988)
  • The Problems of the Mast Turn - by Wojtek Kuzinicki (1988)
  • Carbon Reinforced Wood Masts - by Bob Dill (September 1988)
  • The Stripper Mast - by Bob Struble and Bob Dill (December 1988)
  • A Wood Mast Made Easy - by Paul Goodwin (March 1990)
  • Measuring Mast Stiffness - by Paul Goodwin (September 1990)
  • Building the Strip Composite DN Mast - by the Gougeon Brothers (December 1990)
  • Carbon Fiber in the DN Spar - by Jeff Kent (November 1993)
  • The Effects of Rigging Loads on the DN Mast - by Chris Clark (January 1994)
  • Ball Cold Molded Mast - by Bob Gray (December 1995)
  • Spars: Time for a Change - by Jeff Kent (December 1995)





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