Full-size DN Hull Template

These templates will save hours of time by eliminating the lofting step (scaling up from small plans), and also eliminating most measurement.

There is a side panel template, with all internal structure shown. Once you cut out the side panels, you transfer all the internal locations to the inside of the panels.

There is also a plan (top) view template that you build the hull on. You place the plan view template on a building jig (flat workbench), cover it with clear plastic, then place the side panels into position. All the lines on the inside of the side panels line up with corresponding lines on the plan view template. Looking inside the hull, you see essentially a 3-D wireframe of the internal structure. Then it's simply a matter of cutting out the internal structural parts, and gluing them into position on the lines.

This method greatly simplifies the building procedure, and almost guarantees that your new hull will meet all the current specifications. I also include a set of step-by-step building instructions with graphics to help the first time builder.

This is a very competitive design, and boats built from these templates have finished in the top ten at all International level regattas sailed in North America for over 12 years.

The cost of the template is US$60. Shipping and handling: US$15 Continental United States, US$35 Europe and Canada.

Total cost: US$75 Continental United States, US$95 Canada and Europe.

Money orders or PayPal are preferred (my PayPal ID is "webmaster@idniyra.org").
Checks are accepted but take five days at the bank to clear.

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updated March 5, 2012