2023 Central Region Regatta Tentatively Called ON for Feb 18 – 19

Photo: Will Johnston

Via IDNIYRA Central Commodore Rob Holman US3705

Based on our ice scout report today, I am tentatively scheduling the 2023 Central Regatta for Feb 18-19.

Next report will be Wednesday, Feb 15 after 7pm EST.

Stay tuned & get your stuff ready!!

Think Ice & think cold!!

Central Lakes Rear Commodore

Rob Holman US3705

2023 Grand Masters Day 3 Report

Grand Masters Racer’s Committee: Manfred Schreiber, John Winquist, and Jean-Claude Vuithier. Hal Bowman stands out of the wind.

DN Sweden Community Facebook Page for Live Reports

Grand Masters Day 3: Prize Giving
The heavy air and racy, wet ice contributed to the majority decision to call the 2023 GM complete after two racing days. We gathered in an area sheltered from the wind for the award ceremony, a very Swedish affair with coffee and Semla, traditional Swedish cream buns served until Lent. Hal Bowman US1277 was recognized as a top competitor in his age group.

We are now 2 hours south of Lake Siljan at Lake Erken this morning, preparing for a two-day Swedish Ranking regatta. Of course, there is much speculation about where the European Championship will occur when it begins on 18 February. Everyone has their theory as to the location.

2023 Grand Masters Day 2 Report

Travel partners John Winquist L601 and Timoleon “Cara” Caravitis at the one and two block at the start of Race 7.

Grand Masters Day 2 Report
DN Sweden Community Facebook Page for Live Reports
With the snow melted from the ice and a 9-knot breeze, speed sails and 90-degree runners were the choices of the day, according to Mike Bloom US321. Four race winners (Holger Petzke G890, Jean Claude Vuithier Z39, John Winquist L601, and Tomas Lindgren S81) indicated a competitive fleet and made for exciting spectating from my own caller’s point of view.

In addition to the Race Committee (Dideric, Vesa, Fosse, Deb, and Mercedes), a separate Racer’s Committee was appointed, consisting of Manfred Schrieber G99, John Winquist L601, and John Claude Vuithier Z29. They help decide things like the number of races and whether the conditions are suitable for racing. The sailors are instructed to go to them with questions about anything that happens on the race course.

At dinner last night, competitors filled long tables and recounted the racing. Olli Virta L121, one of the Grand Master (GM) founders, joined our table last night and helped us celebrate the birthday of a co-founder of the GM (he knows who he is) and the birth of Hakon Elfstrom’s grandson. In addition to the excellent food here, the hotel is less than five minutes from the launch. Rattvik is one of the best regatta locations I’ve ever experienced.

I could hear the wind rattling the windows during the night. The forecast is for a big breeze. Today is the last day of the regatta.

2023 Grand Masters Day 1 Report

Mike Bloom US321 at the opening ceremony on Lake Siljan in Rattvik, Sweden.

2023 Grand Masters Day 1 Report
Note: I’m actually back at the hotel right now after Day 2, but didn’t have internet access to post the Day 1 reporyt earlier this morning. 
Hej from Lake Siljan in Rattvik, Sweden, and the fourth annual DN Grand Masters regatta. The Grand Masters regatta is open to DN sailors 60 years and over. Competitors must start each race with one leg on the plank; no track meet running is allowed. There’s also an emphasis on camaraderie and the enjoyment of being with long-time friends who have campaigned DNs together for many years. DN Sweden and DN Finland alternate managing the regatta. DN Sweden manages this year’s event.

Lake Siljan is a wicked big lake, 137 square acres, MILES! formed 377 million years ago by a meteor. We are staying in a hotel with excellent food in Rattvick, perched above the lake.

During the opening ceremony, DNers from eight countries raised a glass of non-alcoholic champagne in memory of friends sailing who now sail on eternal black ice.

This event marks the first time that American sailors joined the competition. Mike Bloom, US321 of Minnesota, and Hal Bowman, US1277 of North Carolina, who both participated in the 2023 DN Worlds, are here and enjoying the racing and friends.

Red Gear Racing Speed Symposium at the 2023 DN World Championship

The 2023 DN World Championship was held in Madison, WI on Lake Kegonsa. After racing on day 2, sailors gathered at the office of Daniel Hearn to learn from the best.

We had a Q&A session with four of the best ice sailors in the world: Tomek Zakrzewski, James “T” Thieler, Tomas Lindgren, and Oskar Svensson.

Thank you to the panelists for sharing your wisdom, to Daniel Hearn for letting us use your office, and to Red Gear Racing for sponsoring this Speed Symposium!

Cathy Firmbach 2023 DN World Championship Photos Available

Via 2023 DN Worlds & North American Event Photographer Cathy Firmbach:

Thanks for your patience! My online store is now open with a gallery for the 2023 DN World Championship. The first set of images are uploaded and they will continue to be uploaded over the next few days. The North American Championship images will follow in a new gallery.

Each image has the sail number(s) as a keyword (ie, us46 ) to make searching for your boat easy. You will find the search bar in the top right corner.
THANKS very much for your support! Without it, I would not be able to continue to be out there with you.
Hope to see you on the ice soon! See the gallery here.

Runner Tracks Newsletter February 2023

Runner Tracks

The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association

February 2023

We hope you all made it safely back home from the Worlds and are keeping those runners sharp for more DN sailing. Here’s the winter edition of the DN Class newsletter, Runner Tracks, brought to you 4 times per year by our sponsors. Watch for the big-end-of-season issue in May.

Flipbook Magazine
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  • Minutes from the 2023 IDNIYRA Annual Governing Meeting
  • A Race to Remember by Chad Atkins
  • 2023 World & North American Championship Photos by Cathy Firmbach

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Harken’s Postcard from the Worlds on YouTube

The media team at Harken has released a fantastic video about the people who make up the DN ice sailing community and their experiences at the 2023 World Championship. It’s received the highest number of social media shares I’ve ever seen for this sport. The Harken folks have uploaded it to their YouTube Channel. For those of you not on Facebook, it’s your turn to watch it now! Link


Matt Struble Wins 2023 DN North American Championship

Matt Struble, five time winner of the DN North American Championship. Photo: Cathy Firmbach

Matt Struble has been unstoppable this week after his 2023 Worlds win. He took top honors at the 2023 DN North American Championship on Lake Kegonsa in Madison, Wisconsin, on January 27, 2023. It’s his fifth North American Championship. Congratulations to long-time Minnesota DNer Tom Meyer on his Silver fleet win.

Congratulations to all those competitors who hung tough and waited for PRO Pat Heppert to find the right window to complete the regatta on Friday with a race in Gold and Silver. Paul Goodwin US46 said the heavy air, blowing, snowy conditions reminded him of the classic iceboat documentary, Black Ice. Spectators and the Race Committee witnessed some of the most exciting races of the week on Friday. There will be many stories told about that day.

There are many people that need to be acknowledged for their part in bringing the Worlds and North Americans across the finish line. We’ll get to the heartfelt thankyous in a separate post.
Cathy Firmbach Photo Gallery

2023 DN North American Championship Day 2 Update

Photo: Cathy Firmbach

2023 DN North American Results
Thursday, January 26 was a plate runner day, the first day of sailing for the 2023 DN North American championship. Lake Kegonsa in Madison, WI. The lake was scouted and sailed early in the morning and competitors were surprised to find it easily sailable despite the additional snow. Two races in both Gold and Silver fleets were completed. The day ended with decreasing wind and a sticky, slower track. The gold fleet starts first in the rotation today at 10 AM. Results will be posted at the end of racing because our tabulator is on the ice with us again. Follow on Facebook for live updates.

Cathy Firmbach Photo Gallery

2023 DN North American Championship Update

The 2023 DN Ice Sailing World Championship Regatta on Lake Kegonsa near Madison, WI. Photo by Mike Roemer

Due to snow and low visibility, the first race DN North American Championship on Lake Kegonsa has been postponed until Thursday, January 26, 2023.

Skippers meeting at 9 AM
Bronze qualifier at 10 AM.

Annual IDNIYRA governing meeting tonight at 7 PM at the Clarion Hotel.


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