2024 DN World, EU, and Junior Ice Sailing Championship: Day 3 PM Report

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The wind never made an appearance on Day 3,  but we were treated to another BBQ at the launch site, this one from  Polish DN Association. The Finnish team grilled sausages on after first day of racing on shore. There’s a group dinner tonight here at the hotel. Stay tuned for more from Parnu, Estonia and the 2024 IDNIYRA World, European, and Junior Championship.
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Gilles Morelle Images – Professional Photographer

Canadian sailors John Curtis and Jacek Marzenski on the starting line from Day 2.

DN World & EU Championship: Day 1 AM Report

Training Day, Saturday, February 3, 2024. Photo: Gilles Morelle

Good morning from Parnu, Estonia, home of the 2024 DN World & European Championship and Junior World Championships. Just back from breakfast buffet where competitors were starting their day. We’ll soon be heading to the launch site, about 11 km from the hotel, for opening ceremonies followed by a skipper’s meeting and then racing. North Americans here include Chris Berger, Bob Cummins, John Curtis, David Frost, Daniel Hearn, Jacek Marzenski, and Ron Sherry. I’ll try for some Facebook live today on the IDNIYRA North American Facebook page. 

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Gilles Morelle Images – Professional Photographer

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January 30, 2024 Centrals Update: Tentatively Called ON for Higgins Lake Feb 3-4

Higgins Lake in Northern Michigan was sailed by ranked sailors this past Sunday and Monday. They found a large area of solid ice with about ¼ inch of snow on top. Ice is is about 4.5-5 inches of snow ice on top of hard black ice. Favorable forecast for the week, we think it should hold up. I am tenatively calling Centrals on for this weekend 2/3-2/4. Final call Thursday evening. Stand by for details/information.

Location: Higgins Lake Michigan, launch is West Higgins lake boat Launch.
Peter Johanson Central Region Commodore US5633

Jan 25, 2024 – Centrals Update – Postponed

We do not have a safe venue yet. Higgins Lake in Michigan was reported to be nice, but warm weather and rain in the future means we can’t make a safe call for the weekend. The Centrals remain under postponement for this weekend.
Thanks for your patience,
Pete Johanson US 5633 Central Region Commodore

Youth Sailing Report: After School Iceboat Practice on Lake Minnetonka

“After-school iceboat racing practice?” Common in Poland, now in Minnesota thanks to IDNIYRA Junior Sailing Director Sam Bartel.

Wow, the last 3 days have been incredible! I’ve had the pleasure of coaching 18 high school and middle school sailors from the Lake Minnetonka Sailing School race teams as they discover the thrill of ice sailing. Some of these kids tried iceboating with me earlier this year, and others just had their first rides recently. Seeing all these new ice sailors leaving with ear-to-ear smiles is priceless.

In addition to giving some kids their first rides, I’ve been coaching the more experienced ones on racing skills. Yesterday marked our first after-school iceboat racing practice, complete with 4 scrub races and 5 DNs on the line. It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm – some of these kids are really getting into it, asking tons of questions, sailing until after sunset, and coming back for more every day. A couple of them are even asking when the next junior regatta is scheduled… we need to bring these events back ASAP!

Our local high school teams are gearing up for a training trip to Florida next weekend. Between now and then, we’re planning to hit the ice every day, running more scrub races and helping more kids get into the sport. I feel very fortunate to have such great conditions at our home venue on Lake Minnetonka!

Samuel Bartel
IDNIYRA Junior Director US1011

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2024 Jinzhou and Panjin International Ice Sailing Tour Concludes

Link to video.
Our ice sailing friends are heading back home. Video above courtesy of the regatta organizers of Jinzhou and Panjin.

Joerg, Jost, and I set a land-speed record to make the last train tonight to Beijing, but we will all make our planes home tomorrow. I had a wonderful week in China. Very fun and very eye-opening. The minute I got here, and to paraphrase Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, it was clear I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I am glad to be heading home, and I look forward to hearing English and sailing with familiar faces.
Think Ice
Mike Bloom US321


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