The DN (Detroit News) iceboat
Sail area: 60 sq. feet
Length: 12 feet
Hull width: 21 inches
Mast length: 16 feet
Runner plank length: 8 feet
Number of runners: 3 (1 front steering runner, 2 side runners)
Hull material: wood
Typical weight: 100-150 lbs.
Maximum speed: 60 MPH
Typical performance: 2-4 times wind speed

 Official Specifications, Interpretations of the Official Specifications, and Specification Management System are published in the IDNIYRA Yearbook.  Click here to view the IDNIYRA Yearbook in a pdf file.

You can either order a full set of scale plans from the IDNIYRA for $25 or download and print them yourself. Full-sized DN hull templates are available for purchase from Paul Goodwin here.

1. Order plans from the IDNIYRA for $25
These scale plans were first published in 1981 and still provide a competitive DN today. They were designed through a collaboration of many of the top DN builders at the time. The plans show a wood mast, although sailors racing in top competition use a composite mast today.
Order Plans for $25.
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2. Download and print  plans yourself
Standard sheet size is 11″ x 17″, scanned at 300dpi.

You can print them out at any size you like, however when printed at 8-1/2″ x 11″ these are quite hard to read, so if you can’t print at 11″ x 17″ you split the image in half and print out each half at 8-1/2″ x 11″ and tape the two pages together. In order to make this easier, the images are also available pre-split.


Split prints

Scale plans for the DN Iceboat – half sheets printed at 8-12″ x 11″


The DN is most popular iceboat in the world. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, your $25 membership in the IDNIYRA helps to promote the art and skill of DN ice yacht construction and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world.

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