Western Challenge Photos by Sean Heavey

Sean R Heavey: Western Challenge 2021 &emdash; Heavey_DJI_0286
Western Challenge sailors on Lake Christina may have noticed the drone buzzing around over the weekend. Montana photographer Sean Heavey made the trip to the Challenge and has shared his photos. He sends his apologies for not getting everyone’s pictures because he spent a lot of time practicing flying the new drones and figuring out to cover the action with them. See the photos here.

Western Challenge Called On for Dec 3 – 5

Via John Dennis, the Western Challenge is called on for Lake Christina in Ashby, MN December 3 – 5, 2021. The Western Challenge is a an informal tune-up fun regatta for DNs.
What: Western Challenge
Date: December 3 – 5, 2021
Where: Lake Christina in Ashby, MN
Lodging: Recommended nearest Battle Lake, Minnesota
Battle Lake Inn and Suites (almost full, no vacancies for Friday night)
102 Glenhaven Dr, Battle Lake, MN 56515

Bonnie Beach Resort
20341 Bonnie Beach Road
Battle Lake, MN 56515
$175 night 3 bedrooms, (sleeps 4) with kitchen

The Hideaway at Xanadu Island
35484 235th St, Battle Lake, MN 56515

The Otter
306 MN-78, Ottertail, MN 56571

Cancellation of the 2022 North American Championships: U.S. Nationals Called ON

Line up at the 2021 U.S. Nationals on Black Lake in Michigan. Photo: Catherine Firmbach

Cancellation of the 2022 North American Championships: U.S. Nationals Called ON

The IDNIYRA Governing Committee earlier announced plans to decide by November 22th the status of the 2022 North American championship. The Governing Committee has agreed that continuing changes, challenges, and uncertainties relating to the pandemic make it apparent that holding the regatta in 2022 is not in the best interest of our class members. Therefore the 2022 North American championship is canceled.

However, based upon the success of last year’s non-ranking U.S. Nationals Championship, IDNIYRA Governing Committee has decided to endeavor to hold another non-ranking American Championship in the same timeframe. Central Rear Commodore Rob Holman will soon release Notice of Race for the U.S. Nationals.

2022 U.S. NATIONALS (A non-ranking regatta)
January 23-29, 2022
Host Region:
Central (Michigan and Ohio)
Best ice in the Central Region or the United States

Jody Kjoller
Commodore IDNIYRA

DN in Sailing Museum

Visit the Sailing Museum

The DN remains the world’s most popular iceboat for many reasons. It’s usually someone’s first ride, home buildable, easy to transport and set up, and pure fun to sail. The DN is also the perfect size for a permanent exhibit in the National Sailing Hall of Fame’s new museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

The DN’s natural wood hull, plank, and runners will stand out among the other five soft-water boats that will permanently hang from the former armory’s impressive wood ceiling in the interactive exhibition hall.

Home built by Doug Kolner (Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club) in Monona, Wisconsin, the boat reflects the DN’s humble beginnings at the Detroit News hobby shop in the 1930s and its evolvement into a modern racing machine. Doug built the boat using standard plans and it is most representative of the type of DN you’ll see at North American regattas. Typical of modern DN racers, the hull was built using Gougeon brothers epoxy, Harken brothers blocks, and Sarns hardware.

The DN class is honored to symbolize the spirit of American ice yachting in the new Sailing Museum.

LIVE ON ZOOM: Ask Matt Struble – 12 Nov @ 7 PM ET

Ask Matt Struble – Live Friday, 12 November at 7 PM ET/ 6 PM CT

Join Mike Madge and Matt Struble US183 live on Zoom as he talks about early season DN iceboat and body preparation, followed by a question and answer session. An email has been sent to all class members with the Zoom link. Not a member? Not to worry, just use the sign up form below to receive the link. All are welcome.

Mike and Matt will be covering topics geared for the beginner to intermediate iceboater. They’d like to extend a special invitation to those new to the class or who want to participate in DN iceboating.

What To Know:

    • Please make sure your device is muted before you join the meeting.
    • For questions, please use the chatbox, and Mike will unmute you so that you can speak directly with Matt.
    • Or you can email your questions to Mike
    • Can’t make it? Mike will record the entire session so you watch it later.
    • If you aren’t a DN class member or didn’t receive the email, use the sign up form below to receive the link

Matt Struble is a three-time DN world champion, a four-time DN North American champion, and holds other soft-water sailing titles. Though he currently lives in San Diego, Matt continues to sail DNs whenever he visits his family in Michigan.

Matt Struble Archives




Notice of Dues 2022


You are a crucial part of the number one ice sailing class in the world. Your dues support this website, the class newsletter Runner Tracks, and the class yearbook. Your dues help to maintain the value of your DN and make you eligible to vote in officer elections and class business. You must be a member of the IDNIYRA to compete at regional and continental regattas.

If you’d rather mail a check or have any questions about your membership, please contact Executive Secretary Deb Whitehorse

Another way to support the class is to donate to the IDNIYRA. We keep membership dues reasonable to encourage participation. Your donation will help secure the future of the largest ice sailing fleet in the world. The IDNIYRA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Thank you for supporting the IDNIYRA.

Results of the Autumn 2021 Ballot

NOTE: The 2 proposals that were approved come into effect 31 May 2022!

The Autumn 2021IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU combined ballot closed at 1200 US CT October 21, 2021. Two-thirds of ‘yes’ votes are required for a question to pass. The results are as follows:

61% percent of eligible members participated in the ballot. Abstentions were allowed on individual questions.

Question 1: PROPOSAL TO CHANGE SPECIFICATION G14 SAIL WINDOW SIZE 160 yes / 8 against (95.2% yes, Question 1 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2022.)

Question 2: PROPOSAL TO ADD SPECIFICATION I. FITTINGS SELF-RELEASING STEERING POST HEAD 65 yes / 82 against (55.8% no, Question 2 fails.)

Question 3: PROPOSAL TO CHANGE SPECIFICATION A30 NATIONAL LETTERS AND SAIL NUMBER 110 yes / 50 against (68.8% yes, Question 3 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2022)


Votes tallied: 168
Abstentions: 4 NA EU Total
Yes – I approve the amendment 107 53 160
No – I reject the amendment 6 2 8
113 55
Votes tallied: 147
Abstentions: 25 NA EU Total
Yes – I approve the amendments 37 28 65
No – I reject the amendments 63 19 82
100 47
Votes tallied: 160
Abstentions: 12 NA EU Total
Yes – I approve the amendments 79 31 110
No – I reject the amendments 26 24 50
105 55

The members support to the governance of the DN Class is appreciated.

Attila Pataky (M-100) Commodore IDNIYRA EU
Jody Kjoller (US 5435) Commodore IDNIYRA

2022 North American Championship Update

COVID 19 continues to affect our everyday activities of life, whether home, work, or leisure. Border crossings between Canada and U.S. remain challenging and in flux. It may continue to affect our coming hard water season, but we have plans in place and a decision-making schedule.

The Governing Committee will hold a conference call on November 22, 2021, to decide whether the North American Championship (23 – 29 January 2022) can be held. The decision will be published immediately after the meeting. This allows two months lead time for the regatta, both for the organizers and for those competitors who need to plan international travel.

Suppose the Governing Committee decides that the North American Championship cannot be held. In that case, we will plan to run another US-based Championship during the same period as the scheduled North American Championship. Canadian members might decide to run a Canadian regatta in the same period. A U.S. Championship and a Canadian Championship would be non-ranking events.

Some factors in the decision-making have to do with the risk of a COVID positive test and quarantine requirements before reentering Canada or the United States. Canadians still face some severe logistical and expense problems attending regattas.

If the conditions don’t improve, the North American Championship could not be held. It would fail the most basic measure of fairness to have a  championship when it’s too great a burden for international competitors.

Please feel free to engage the Governing Committee if you have further questions. We are committed to offer racing this winter subject to constraints that might be imposed by COVID 19.

2022 Western Region Championship: Jan 1- 2, 2022

Via Western Region Commodore Chris Berger US5166

The Western Region Championship has been scheduled for January 1-2, 2022 on the best ice in Minnesota, Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, or Indiana. Stay tuned for Notice of Race and more updates as January approaches. Your World Portal to DN Ice Yacht Racing

What media do you pull up on your mobile device when the subject of DN sailing comes up with someone who wants to know more about our sport? Now you can start with the landing page of for the most exciting videos, best photography, and radical DN mast bend photos to convert the curious into DN sailors.

The DN Class comprises two continental organizations: the IDNIYRA (North America) and IDNIYRA Europe. Both organizations have developed a new world portal website,, to showcase our sport’s best videos, and photos that are easily accessible on the front page. Our photographers and videographers best tell the story of DN sailing, and we are indebted to them for sharing their work with us.

International class members and those interested in DN sailing will find common governing documents, contact information, regatta information, results, and more on the portal.

The menu is simple, with four links, to Class Information, the continental websites, and contact information.

The Class Information page allows you to access the Specifications, the IDNIYRA Yearbook, Racing Rules, Regatta History, International Rank List, and another page dedicated to videos.
 VIDEOS (with links to EU and NA YouTube channels)

We will update Specifications and Interpretations changes on the world portal as soon as they come into effect, more efficient than waiting for the class Yearbook to be published months after the change.  In addition, we’ve combined the Specifications and Interpretations so that they are on the same page. is a portal to and, which will continue to keep members informed of their specific continental affairs.


The DN is most popular iceboat in the world. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, your $25 membership in the IDNIYRA helps to promote the art and skill of DN ice yacht construction and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world.

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