Notice of Electronic Ballot

Photo: Harken / Hannah Lee Noll

All members in good standing should have received an email invitation from Election Buddy today to vote for our next Executive Committee and two proposals. If you have not received the email invitation, please check your spam folder. Contact if you have not received your ballot. Please participate and vote.

From Runner Tracks May 2023 Commodore’s Column by IDNIYRA Commodore Jody Kjoller:
There are two proposals, one is to amend the IDNIYRA Constitution, and the other is the amend the IDNIYRA By-Laws. [See February 2023 Runner Tracks]
Proposal 1: Amend the IDNIYRA Constitution
The Governing Committee supports the “Proposal to amend the IDNIYRA Constitution Article VI and Article XII” submitted by Warren Nethercote KC3786. We have not had a way to remove anyone from an elected position until this proposal. As you know, situations arise where an individual may no longer represent the best interests of an organization. This proposal will allow said persons to be removed if need be.

Proposal 2: Amend the IDNIYRA By-Laws
Proposal to amend IDNIYRA By-Laws General 1, proposed by Jody Kjoller US5435. There has been a bit of a debate about this proposal. Participants at the annual meeting amended and approved annual class dues increase to $50 US dollars. Since the meeting, there has been much discussion concerning “non-racing, dues-paying members”. There is a rather large group of our membership that no longer actively races the DN but still wants to be part of the class. There is a concern that such an increase in dues may deter this group from maintaining their class membership. Please think about this before you vote.


Harry “Buddy” Melges 1930 – 2023

Buddy Melges adjusts his sail at the 1975 IDNIYRA North American Championship on Lake Geneva. Photo: Henry Bossett

The IDNIYRA extends our deepest sympathies to the family of Buddy Melges US2974, one of the most incredible soft and hard water sailors of all time.

Buddy raced in nearly every class of iceboat, including the DN. He competed in two DN regattas in 1975, one of which involved Coast Guard helicopters and ice floes on Saginaw Bay in Michigan. See the stories and results below.

Sailors from all over have shared their stories about Buddy Melges on social media. DN class sailors have many of their own. Joe Norton US781 recalled the 1975 North American Championship qualification races when Buddy searched for the correct settings for sticky snow. Joe suggested a few and, in the next race, Joe started in the one or two blocks. Joe had a decent lead, and suddenly there was Buddy windward of him like a fast freight train and went on to win the race. Joe also recalled, “as much as Buddy loved iceboating, it didn’t hold a candle to his passion for duck hunting.”

Ron Sherry US44 won the 1997 Renegade Championship thanks to Buddy’s advice on easing the side stays on his Renegade. Ron commented, “If you make the people around you faster, you will also become quicker. Buddy followed this principle.”

Runner Tracks Newsletter May 2023

The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association

Runner Tracks cover sailor, Jost Kolb, invites you to read the latest issue, featuring articles on DN sailing worldwide, informative results, and a Bob Gray technical article. We want to thank our sponsors who made this all possible.

In the coming days, all eligible members will receive an electronic ballot to vote for officers and two proposals. Please check the Commodore’s column for more details on the proposals. By the way, this will be Commodore Jody Kjoller’s final column. Thank you, Jody, for contributing to keeping the IDNIYRA as a thriving one-design class.


Flipbook Magazine
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  • Richard Gustring – Remembering a Friend by Ron Sherry
  • Grand Masters Report by Hal Bowman
  • Staggered Starts by Andre Baby
  • DN Tech – Replacing the Stud Plates by Bob Gray
  • DN China Arrives by Jorg Bohn, Dimitriy Kachin, and DN China
  • Regatta Results

Get this issue in a full color soft cover book for $20.


Get this issue in a full color soft cover book for $20.

Struble Extends DN season in California

The DN season wasn’t over yet for 2023 World & North American champion Matt Struble US183 who sailed in his home state of California yesterday at America’s Landsailing Championship held at Ivanpah. Considered the “cathedral of land sailing,” Ivanpah dry lake is located on the border of California and Nevada. He joined other ice sailors from around the country. Via Ken Smith’s Facebook page:

A brisk first day sailing ALC at Ivanpah, CA. About 70 competitors in roughly 90 land sailing yachts (sailors in multiple classes). Midwest DN iceboaters include Bob Cave, Lou Lonnecke, Pat Heppert, Pete Johns, and Daniel Hearn. Also Bill Dale and a pair from New England.
We sailed one round of five class starts. We got DN champ Matt Strubble racing in a mini skeeter, a class 3, and a DN on wheels. Wide wind range, shifty direction, and large wind holes made sailing, umm, interesting! -Ken Smith

Matt Struble replies: Absolute blast! Thanks Ken Smith, Peete Johns for a great day of sailing. I logged some wonderful miles of sailing. Felt at home in the DN, especially at the start.