The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association


  • Minutes of the 2023 IDNIYRA Annual Governing Meeting
  • A Race to Remember by Chad Atkins
MAY 2023
  • Richard Gustring – Remembering a Friend by Ron Sherry
  • Grand Masters Report by Hal Bowman
  • Staggered Starts by Andre Baby
  • DN Tech – Replacing the Stud Plates by Bob Gray
  • DN China Arrives by Jorg Bohn, Dimitriy Kachin, and DN China
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2023
  • The Perfect DN Trailer by Robert Cummins
  • DN Quick Build by Deb Whitehorse with Commentary by Warren Nethercote
  • Traveling Trophy by Julie Jankowski
DEC 2022


MARCH 2022
  • Proposed Revised Specifications for General and Fuselage Sections
  • Commodore’s Column
  • Part 2 Siberian Adventure by Reuben Snodgress
  • Grand Masters Regatta Photos & Report by Deb Whitehorse
MAY 2022
  • Proposed Revised Specifications for Sections C,D,F, & H
  • Commodore’s Column
  • It’s A Long Way To Go… By David Frost US5358
  • U.S. Nationals Report by Ron Sherry US44
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2022
  • Proposed Revised Specifications from the IDNIYRA Technical Committee for Sections A,B
  • Commodore’s Column
  • Proposed Revised Specification for D7 Boom
  • 3 Proposed Revisions to EPIC Agreement
  • Proposal to Revise IDNIYRA Constitution
  • 1988 DN World Championship in Leningrad by Mike O’Brien US3456
  • Minutes of the 2022 European Secretaries Meeting
DEC 2022
  • Results from Fall 2022 Ballot
  • Commodore’s Column
  • Mast Evolution: A History
  • Thunder Bay Training Camp
  • The Great Western Challenge
  • Member Proposals for Specifications, IDNIYRA By-Laws, & EPIC Agreement


FEB 2021
  • The Magic of Iceboating
  • How Bad Do You Want It?
  • Return of the Jones Gang
  • Specifications Proposal by the IDNIYRA Governing Committee
MAY 2021
  • European Secretaries Meeting Thoughts by Warren Nethercote
  • There’s Always Moosehead by Bill Buchholz
  • The Unaverage Year by Jody Kjoller
  • Chasing Swedish Ice by Dideric van Riemsdijk
  • Minutes of the European Secretaries Meeting
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2021
  • Better Late Than Never by Eric Smith
  • Commodore’s Column
  • The New DN World Portal
  • Zen, Adrenaline, & Reflection by Rhea Nichols
DEC 2021
  • What’s In Your Megaphone? By Daniel Hearn
  • Siberian Adventure by Reuben Snodgress
  • Thoughts on Runners by Warren Nethercote
  • Western Challenge Junior Sailing Report by Erin Bury
  • Western Challenge Photos & Report by Deb Whitehorse


MARCH 2020
  • Another Way To Align Your Chocks On the Runner Plank by Peter Van Rossem, KC2766
  • INTO THE DAWN TO MONTANA The North American championship went where no regatta has gone before.By Deb Whitehorse
  • Results 2020 North American Championship
MAY 2020
  • Junior DN & Ice Optimist World Championship Report & Results
  • 2020 Sean R. Heavey Gold Cup Photo Gallery & Results
  • By Laws & Constitution Proposals by Warren Nethercote KC376
  • European Secretaries Meeting Report by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • Baikal Report by Mike Bloom US321
SEPT 2020
  • Flipbook Magazine
  • Download pdf file (best for tablets)
  • Download single page pdf (best for phones)
  • Annual 2020 IDNIYRA Governing Meeting Minutes
  • Making the Best of Spring Ice by Mike Madge KC5449
  • Minutes from the 2020 European Secretaries Meeting
  • A Summary of Proposals from the European Secretaries Meeting
  • 2021 IDNIYRA International Ranking List
DEC 2020


  • Commodore’s Message by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • DN Tiebreaks and Why They Matter by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • Understanding the “Bart System” of DN Scoring by Loretta Sherry Rehe US333 and Paul Goodwin US46
  • Photos from the 2019 European Championship
MAY 2019
  • Commodore’s Message by Warren Nethercote KC-3786
  • 50 Years of DN Sailing in Poland by Romuald Rowecki P-25
  • Bylaws Proposal: Exclusion by Warren Nethercote KC-3786
  • Technical Proposals by Peter Hamrak M-53
  • Business for the Technical Committee: Counterpoint to Peter Hamrack’s Proposals by Warren Nethercote
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2019
  • IDNIYRA As a 501(c)(3) by Warren Nethercote KC-3786
  • 3 Specifications Proposals
  • From the Archives: The 1971 Championship at Geist Reservoir
  • Mast & Runner Specifications by Chad Atkins US4487
  • Minutes from the 2019 IDNIYRA European Secretaries Meeting
  • Rank List 2020
DEC 2019
  • Specification Proposal by Bob Gray US65
  • Great Western Challenge Report by Shawnee Kay Spillson
  • Answers About Proposals by Peter Hamrak M53
  • Sail Vladivostok by Joerg Bohn G737


FEB. 2018
  • 2018 North Americans Recap by Mike Bloom
  • Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting
  • Western Region Regatta
MAY 2018
  • 2018 Gold Cup & European Championship Report by Warren Nethercote
  • An EPIC Agreement for the Future of the DN Class by Eric Anderson
  • Gold Cup, European Championship, and North American Regatta Results
JULY 2018
  • Special Edition: First Publication of the Epic Agreement & Regatta Management Agreement, the proposed new agreements that will form the basis for a more unified world wide class.
  • An EPIC Agreement for the Future of the DN Class by Eric Anderson
SEPT 2018
  • Response to Proposed Governing Document Changes
  • A Report on Youth Ice Sailing by Ron Rosten, North American Junior Sailing Secretary
  • Results from the 2018 Junior World and European Championship
  • Minutes of the 2019 European Secretaries Meeting
  • 2019 International Rank List
DEC. 2018
  • Commodore’s Message by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • Monster Garage by Dave Elsmo US5496
  • Listen To Your Heart – A Cautionary Tale by US5219
  • Photos from the 2018 Great Western Challenge


MARCH 2017
  • Thriving On Optimism: Dave Elsmo US5486
  • The Leeward Mark: By Ken Smith US4137
  • Regional Regatta Results & Photos
MAY 2017
  • 2017 Gold Cup Recap: By Mike Miller US5369
  • 2017 Canadian Championship: By Mike Madge KC5449
  • European Secretaries Report by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • Baikal – The Heart of Siberia: by Chris Berger US5166
  • Minutes from the 2017 North American Annual Meeting
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2017
  • Remembering Meade Gougeon
  • DN Sailing in the Olympics?
  • Minutes from the 2017 European Secretaries Meeting
  • 2018 Rank List
  • NEIYA Visit to Nova Scotia Ice Yacht Club
DEC 2017
  • Western Challenge Recap
  • Proposals for the 2018 Annual Meeting
  • Runner Selection by Bob Gray
  • Electronic Voting: The Facts
  • In DN Finland


MARCH 2016
  • Commodore’s Message
  • New England Championship by Oliver Moore
  • Alternate Runner & Chock Alignment by Bob Gray
  • Western Region Championship
  • Canadian News by Warren Nethercote
  • Gold Cup Photos
MAY 2016
  • Minutes from the 2016 North American Meeting
  • Ron Sherry: Worlds & Europeans Report
  • James “T.” Thieler: North American Report
  • Survey Says: What We Were Thinking in 1987
  • Regatta Results
SEPT 2016
  • Electronic Voting in the IDNIYRA by Warren Nethercote
  • Thoughts on the Rope Halyard Proposal by Chad Atkins
  • 2017 Rank List
DEC 2016


  • Regatta Dates
  • Western Region Regatta Report
  • Western Region Regatta Results
  • New Guy On The Block by Mike Miller US5369
  • Opinion: The DN Class & the National Iceboat Authority
  • Photos from the DN Western Region Championship
MAY 2015
  • Gold Cup Regatta Report & Results by Mike Bloom US5234
  • Nova Ice Yacht Club Report & Results by Warren Nethercote KC3786
  • North American Ice Optimist’s New Program Manager
  • Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting
  • Regatta Results
  • Photos from the European Championship
SEPT 2015
  • So You Wanna Race In Europe-Here’s How You Get There
  • Dealing with Redress Under the NIA Rules
  • Minutes from the 2015 European Secretaries Meeting
  • 2016 Rank List
  • Download Rank List in pdf file
DEC 2015
  • Notice of Race: Regional & North American Championships
  • National Iceboat Authority: 2 New Alternate Courses
  • Proposals for the Annual IDNIYRA North American Meeting
  • Great Western Challenge Reports, Results, and Photos
  • Download & Print Proposals for the Annual Meeting


  • Regatta Dates
  • 2013 Centrals Report
  • 2013 Centrals Photos by Catherine Firmbach
  • 2013 Centrals Results
  • DN Technical Committee New Intrepretation
  • DN How To: Advice for the Novice Plank Builder
  • DN How To: Rejuvinating Old Chocks
  • “Focusing On the Now” by Kent Baker
MAY 2014
  • “A Surprising Year” by Warren Nethercote
  • DN Class Finances & Participation by Bob Cummins
  • Andre Baby’s Reply to Bob Cummins Article
  • 2014 NA Championship Report by James “T.” Thieler
  • Rich Crucet Rounds the Mark
  • Photos from the 2014 Gold Cup
  • Minutes of the 2014 North American Annual Meeting
  • Regatta Results
OCT 2014
  • Election and Proposal Results
  • Proposals to the IDNIYRA Constitution & By Laws
  • The State of DN Racing by Jane Pegel US805
  • Official interpretation of the DN specifications
  • Show Time: Observations on ice sailing regattas
DEC 2014
  • Regatta Dates
  • Proposals for the Agenda of the 2015 Annual Meeting
  • Western Challenge Results
  • Take Two: David Frost’s photos from the regatta that wasn’t, the 2014 Western Regional Championship


MAY 2013
  • Regatta Dates
  • 2013 Western Regionals
  • Minutes from the 2013 Annual Meeting
  • Gold Cup and North American Regatta Recap
  • The Magic of Baikal: The World’s Greatest Lake is Becoming a Destination for the World’s Greatest Sport
  • Technical Committee News from Jane Pegel
  • DN How To: Aligning Chocks by Bob Gray
  • Regatta Results
OCT 2014
    • So You Wanna Race In Europe-Here’s How You Get There
    • Dealing with Redress Under the NIA Rules
    • Minutes from the 2015 European Secretaries Meeting
    • 2016 Rank List
DEC 2013
Regatta Dates
By Laws Proposal
Constitution Proposal
Western Challenge Report
60th Anniversary of the IDNIYRA Championship


MAY 2012

• Insurance for DNs…in Canada You Say? by Warren Nethercote KC3786
• 2012 North American Championships by Ron Sherry US44
• Great Sailing, Even Greater Friends by Daniel Hearn US5352
• Minutes of the 2012 Regular Annual Meeting
• 2012 Ice Optimist North American Championship News
• Regatta Results


• Help From My Friends-Sailing Far
From Home by Ken Smith US4137
• Big Brother Is Watching
by Daniel Hearn US5352
• Order the 2012 IDNIYRA Yearbook
• Notice of Dues
• Message from the Commodore
Richard Potcova US216
• From the 1995 RT Archives:
An Interview with Bill & Joan Sarns
by Ron & Renee Sherry


• 2400 Miles: The 2012 North Americans by James “T” Thieler US5224
• Technical Committee: New Official Interpretations of the DN Specifications
• Gold Cup & North American Notice of Race & Entry Forms
• IDNIYRA Europe: Minutes & Decisions from the National Secretaries Meeting
• Message from the Commodore—Richard Potcova US216
• 2013 Rankings
• 2012 Western Challenge Results
• 2012 Ice Optimist North American Championship Results