2022-2023 DN Racing Schedule

  • 2023 Western Region Championship
    January 7 – 8, 2023
    Next update: January 5, 2023
    Location:  MN, WI, IA, IL, UP of MI, or IN
    Information: This website.
  • 2023 World Championship: 50th Anniversary Celebration & 2023 North American Championship
    Continental Ranking Regattas
    Date: January 21-28, 2023
    Host Region: Western Lakes Region
    Location: Best ice in MN, WI, IA, UP of MI, or IN, or North America
    Information: This website
    Contact information: secretary.idniyra@gmail.com
  • Grand Master Championship
    Date: February 7-9, 2023
    Host: Sweden
    Location: Best ice in Europe
    Information: DN Sweden
  • 2023 European Championship
    A Continental Ranking Regatta
    Date: February 18-25, 2023
    Location: Europe
    Information idniyra.eu
    Contact information: secretary@idniyra.eu
  • 2023 DN & Ice Optimist Junior Worlds & European Championships
    Date: March 4 – 10, 2023
    Location: Best ice in Europe
    Information: DN Europe
    Contact information: secretary@idniyra.eu
  • 2023 Central Region Championship
    Date: TBA
    Location: Michigan or Ohio
    Information: This website
  • Eastern Lakes Championship
    Date: TBA
    Location: Best ice in the Eastern Region (see Regions map, it’s a big area)
    Information: This website, the NEIYA,  and DN Forum

More Regattas
Please note: Iceboating is dependent upon ice and weather conditions. These regattas have no fixed date and final confirmation is usually posted the Wednesday or Thursday before the event.

  • Western Challenge
    Date: Early December 2022
    Location: Best ice in Minnesota
    An unofficial fun regatta
  • Canadian Championship
    Date: TBA
    Location: Best ice in Canada
    Information: This website and DN Forum
  • New England Championship
    Date: TBA
    Location: Best ice in New England
    Information: NEIYA and DN Forum


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