2021 DN Western Region Championship Update

2021 DN Western Region Championship Update

With all the uncertainty in the air this DN season, we would like to announce that we intend to hold the Western Regional Championship as scheduled, January 2-3, 2021. Of course, the regatta location and date will be subject to the traditional task of locating suitable ice. Still, this year we must also contend with the extent and severity of state and local COVID-19 travel restrictions, stay-at-home orders, etc. A challenge, to be sure.
Stay tuned for updates.


Chris Berger US5166
Western Region Commodore

Cancellation of the 2021 Gold Cup and North American Championships

Cancellation of the Gold Cup and North American Championships

The IDNIYRA Governing Committee earlier announced plans to decide by November 25th whether the 2021 Gold Cup would be held. Since publishing the Q&As it has become apparent that holding the regatta in 2021 is not feasible. The Canada-US land border closure has been extended to 21 December and Europeans cannot travel to either the US or Canada for non-essential reasons. Therefore the 2021 Gold Cup is cancelled.


It would be possible to delay making a decision about the 2021 North American Championships until the next decision about the Canada -US border, but public health restrictions within states and provinces make the feasibility of any international event doubtful at best. As a result the IDNIYRA Governing Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 North American Championships but will endeavour to hold an American Championship in the same timeframe.


Warren Nethercote
Commodore IDNIYRA

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Prevous: 2021 Gold Cup Q & As 12 August

First Results of Autumn 2020 Ballot

Previous: IDNIYRA & IDNIYRA EU Autumn 2020 Ballot

The Autumn 2020 IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU combined ballot closed at 2345 November 22, 2020. Two-thirds of ‘yes’ votes are required for a Question to pass. The results are as follows:


Fifty-six percent of eligible members participated in the ballot. Abstentions were allowed on individual questions.


Question 1: EPIC Agreement Amendment. 132 yes / 84 against (61.1% yes, Question 1 fails)


Question 2: RMA Amendment. 184 yes / 46 against (80.0% yes, Question 2 passes)


Question 3: Technical Specification A16, Hull Cross Section. 169 yes / 52 against (76.5% yes, Question 3 passes and comes into effect May 31, 2021)


A report with the breakdown of votes by continent will follow once those results are received from the voting software contractor.


The members support to the governance of the DN Class is appreciated.


Attila Pataky (M-100) Commodore IDNIYRA EU

Warren Nethercote (KC 3786) Commodore IDNIYRA

UPDATE: 25 November 2020:
IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU Autumn 2020 ballot Results by Continent

Here are the results for the Autumn 2020 ballot broken out by continent.

Question 1: EPIC Agreement Amendment
Votes tallied: 216
Abstentions: 30
Continent NA EU Total
Yes – I am in favour of Question 1 69 63 132
No – I am opposed to Question 1 48 36 84
117 99
Question 2: RMA Amendment
Votes tallied: 230
Abstentions: 16
Continent NA EU Total
Yes – I am in favour of Question 2 95 89 184
No – I am opposed to Question 2 28 18 46
123 107
Question 3: Technical Specification A16, Hull Cross Section
Votes tallied: 221
Abstentions: 25
Continent NA EU Total
Yes – I am in favour of Question 3 91 78 169
No – I am opposed to Question 3 25 27 52
116 105

As reported yesterday, 2/3rds ‘yes’ votes were required for a measure to pass. On that basis, Question 1 failed and Questions 2 and 3 carried.

Warren Nethercote Commodore IDNIYRA
Attila Pataki, Commodore IDNIYRA EU

First Runners On The Ice

Photo: Dideric van Riemsdijk

Facebook was on fire yesterday with photos of local DN sailing coming out of Sweden and Canada. Dideric van Riemsdijk S867 and Richard Gustring S713 made a road trip north to Sautusjärvi, about a 3 hour drive above the Arctic Circle near the famous Ice Hotel.  In North America, Mike Madge KC5449 found a perfect sheet of  ice on Whitefish Lake, an hour west of Thunder Bay. The Thunder Bay area has experienced some long ice sailing seasons lately. Last season, Mike sailed his DN from November 7 until mid April.

Mike Madge on Whitefish Lake.

Member Dues Reminder

Photo Gretchen Dorian gretchendorian.com

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The IDNIYRA membership year starts on November 1st. It is perhaps no surprise that this year the pace of renewals has been slower than usual, with concerns over the effects that COVID 19 might have on regatta travel. But the DN Class is not just about ranked regattas and road warriors: it is also about recreational, club and regional sailing. The IDNIYRA supports these activities too, so in what is likely to be an unusual winter there is every reason to support your class association as you normally do. Please, if you haven’t renewed yet, commit your 26 bucks and go to to renew your membership. Keep the DN Class strong!


Warren Nethercote, KC 3786

Commodore IDNIYRA

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