2025 International Rank List Published

2024 World Championship Opening Ceremony on the Baltic Sea in Parnu, Estonia.


The daylight hours are slowly getting shorter which means the ice sailing season will soon be upon us. The 2025 IDNIYRA Rank List has been published. See it here. You can also see it on the DN World Portal here. The rank list is used to seed regatta fleets at continental events.
Thanks to Ann Foeller for her assistance.


     February 2 – 8, 2025
    Host: Central Region
    Date: February 22 – March 1
    Host: DN Finland

From the IDNIYRA Regatta Management Agreement (RMA)

14. DN Split Fleet Ranking

The Continental Secretaries shall maintain a fleet ranking. This ranking shall be updated yearly and shall be published by October 15 using regatta results from the previous two GCs (Gold Cup), NACs (North American Championships), and ECs (European Championships). This ranking shall be the lessor of the following:

• Best finish in the Gold fleet in the previous two World Championships, North American Championships, and European Championships.
• 22 plus your best finish in the Silver fleet in the previous two WCs, NACs, and ECs.
• 40 plus your best finish in the Bronze fleet in the previous two WCs, NACs, and ECs.
• 58 plus your best finish in the Aluminum fleet in the previous two WCs, NACs, and ECs. In the event of equal ranking for more than one sailor, the ranking which is based on the most recent race result will be considered higher.

2023 World Championship
2023 North American Championship
2023 European Championship
2024 World Championship
2024 European Championship
2024 North American Championship

All corrections must be submitted to the respective Continental Secretary by November 15. The list will be final on December 1.

Questions about your rank? Please email secretary.idniyra@gmail.com

Election Results & Toledo Ice Yacht Club Members Win Mills

Election Results & Toledo Ice Yacht Club Members Win Mills

Toledo Ice Yacht Club members pressed the fun and speed pedal, winning the 100th Mills Trophy Race, winning 1st in class and 1st overall.

Thank you to all who participated in voting and helped shape the leadership of our class.
Your officers are committed to serving the DN community and ensuring a successful season ahead.
Link to results
Election Results for 2024 IDNIYRA Spring Ballot

Commodore David Frost US5358
Option Votes Percentage
Yes – I approve the candidate 80 100.00%
No – I reject the candidate 0 0%
Votes tallied: 80
Abstentions: 1

Vice Commodore Rob Holman US3705
Option Votes Percentage
Yes – I approve the candidate 79 100.00%
No – I reject the candidate 0 0%Votes tallied: 79
Abstentions: 2

Secretary Deb Whitehorse US2366
Option Votes Percentage
Yes – I approve the candidate 79 97.53%
No – I reject the candidate 2 2.47%
Votes tallied: 81
Abstentions: 0

Treasurer Deb Whitehorse US2366
Option Votes Percentage
Yes – I approve the candidate 79 97.53%
No – I reject the candidate 2 2.47%
Votes tallied: 81
Abstentions: 0

Past Commodore Robert Cummins US3433
Candidate Votes Percentage
Yes, I approve the candidate 76 96.20%
No, I reject the candidate 0 0%
Warren Nethercote 1 1.27%
John Harper 2 2.53%
Votes tallied: 79
Abstentions: 2

The Ice Men Winneth
Toledo Ice Yacht Club Sailors Win Historic Mills Trophy Race

In addition to our election news, we are excited to share an accomplishment by a team of sailors from the Toledo Ice Yacht Club. They have made history by winning the 100th anniversary of the prestigious Mills Trophy Race aboard a Hobie33 catamaran.

DN Class Updates: Specifications Rewrite, Elections, and 2025 Regatta Planning

We have several important updates to share with you regarding recent developments and upcoming events.

Specifications Rewrite
In the fall of 2023, our class voted and approved a comprehensive rewrite of the Specifications, specifically focusing on sections A (Fuselage) and B (Runner Plank). The proposal from the Technical Committee is effective on May 31, 2024.

The main goals of the rewrite were to:
1. Incorporate the Interpretations into Official Specifications.
2. Rewrite for more user-friendly wording.
3. Enrich each section with a measurement guide and measurement drawings.
4. Consolidate fragmented sections.
5. Eliminate loopholes and grey areas by providing more precise definitions.
6. Maintain the existing specifications.
(See Runner Tracks September 2022 for more information.)

The online yearbooks on idniyra.org and dniceboat.org have been updated to reflect these changes. Additionally, the specifications pages on the DN world portal (dniceboat.org) have been updated. The new drawings look fantastic online and serve as a valuable resource for our members.
2024 IDNIYRA Yearbook Second Edition
DN World Portal Specifications A. Fuselage: 
DN World Portal: Specifications B. Runner Plank

North American Officer Election
Please remember to participate in the North American Officer election. The election closes on June 9, so be sure to cast your vote before the deadline.
More information here.

2025 Regatta Planning
We are already looking ahead to the regattas in 2025. The North American Central Region, under the leadership of Rear Commodore Peter Johanson US5633, will be hosting the IDNIYRA World Championship from February 2 to 8. Additionally, the IDNIYRA European Championship is scheduled for February 22 to March 1 and will be hosted by DN Finland.

New European Commodore
Congratulations to John Winquist L601 on his recent election as the new IDNIYRA European Commodore at the European Secretaries Meeting. We look forward to his leadership and contributions to the DN community. Many thanks to outgoing Commodore Mihkel Kosk C45 for his service to the class.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement with our class. Let’s look forward to an exciting season ahead!

Notice of Electronic Ballot

All members in good standing should have received an email invitation from Election Buddy today to vote for our next Executive Committee. If you have not received the email invitation, please check your spam folder. Contact secretary.idniyra@gmail.com if you have not received your ballot. Please participate and vote.
You are voting for one-year terms for the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, and Past Commodore. Terms of office run from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025.
Commodore: David Frost US5358
Vice Commodore: Rob Holman US3705
Secretary/Treasurer: Deb Whitehorse US2366
Past Commodore: Robert Cummins

Runner Tracks Newsletter May 2024

Runner Tracks Newsletter May 2024

The Online Magazine of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association

May 2024

Get ready for the latest edition of Runner Tracks, which marks the end of another season. Featuring an incredible cover shot captured by Swiss photographer Gilles Morelle during the 2024 Worlds in Parnu, Estonia. Whether you are an experienced ice boater or a newcomer, Runner Tracks is the ultimate resource for everything related to ice boating. Check out the complete online library here.

Flipbook Magazine
Download pdf file (best for tablets)
Download single page pdf (best for phones)


  • Thoughts on Measurement & Building Tolerances by Warren Nethercote
  • 2024 North American Championship Recap by Mike Bloom and Karen Binder
  • Adventures in Iceboating – 2024 North Americans by Ron Sherry
  • Regatta Results

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“Canadians Best Ever at DN NAs” – Sailing in Canada

“Canadians Best Ever at DN NAs” – Sailing in Canada

John Curtis KC5514 and Jacek Marzenski KC5247 at the 2024 DN World Championship, Parnu, Estonia.

Great write up about the North Americans from John Curtis and André Baby.

By John Curtis

Earlier this month, Canadian DN Sailors journeyed to Wisconsin and made a very strong showing at the DN North Americans finishing four boats in the top ten.

Over the past 4-5 years a keen group of sailors from Montreal and Kingston have been quietly honing their skills at the oldest form of competitive sailing – Iceboat racing. Continue reading.