Week 46 Regatta Kicks Off the DN Season in Finland

The much-anticipated Week 46 Johnny Kohler Regatta in Vaala, Finland, is not only a local affair but has drawn ice sailors from around the globe. Participants from Poland, Germany, Sweden, and North America add an international flavor to this first DN regatta of the season. Among the participants is Chris Berger, US5166. For those who want to track the progress, here’s the link to the results.  Stay tuned to DN Finland’s website and their Facebook page for updates.

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The Flag is UP Early in Sweden

Stefan Bokfors S107 on Lake Ansjön in Sweden.

While we here in North America are stowing away sailboats for the season, in Sweden, the DNs are hitting the ice. October 30, 2023, kicked off the 2023-2024 season for class members Dideric Van Riemsdijk (S867) and Stefan Bokfors (S107). They found ice at Ansjön, a spectacular location situated 6 hours north of Stockholm. This year, October 30 marked the earliest start for Dideric and Stefan, giving them ample time on the ice for training before the Week 46 Regatta in Finland, which takes place November 17 – 19, 2023.

Important nutrition at the training table.

Bob Dill US3904: Eight Bells

Read Bob’s obituary here.

The DN Community mourns with the family and friends of Bob Dill US3904, who passed away on October 28, 2023.

Bob served as IDNIYRA Class Secretary from 1988-1991 and Class Treasurer from 1988-1989. He has been nominated to the U.S. Sailing Hall of Fame.

Via Bob Schumacher, Bob’s DN road-warrior and land-yacht-speed-record colleague:

With much sadness I have to report that Bob Dill passed last night after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease. I am at a loss for words but Don Brush said it well.
‘A sad struggle for a unique person. He is, I am sure, in a better place now. He would not have wanted to be the person he had become. We all were better for knowing Bob. I don’t think I ever met a more inquisitive person with a passion for details. His passion for documentation assures his legacy will live on! It was an honor to know and have him as a friend.’ Don Brush
Bob Schumacher

Bob used his sharp engineering mind to quantify wind, ice, land, and speed in several articles. One of his most famous projects was designing and building the land sailing yacht IRON DUCK with his friend, Bob Schumacher. Together, they set a land-speed record.

Bob Dill has left a legacy of articles that have left a last impact on ice and land sailing. Below are some links to a selection of them and other articles about Bob.
Article’s About Bob Dill
National Sailing Hall of Fame Nominee
Bob Dill the Ice Man
Video: Iron Duck
Recognizing Bob Dill and the Iron Duck – Sailing Scuttlebutt

Bob Dill’s Articles
Iceboat Sailing Performance
Sailing Yacht Design for Maximum Speed
Lake Ice – Bob’s website with everything you need to know about ice.
List of Bob Dill Articles on IDNIYRA archived website

Bob Dill – From Vermont Sports

Gearing Up for the Season

Newspaper article c. 1938, source: Don Dallar Scrapbook

A package of Don Dallar’s US46 scrapbook copies arrived at my doorstep, courtesy of Robert Cummins US3433. In 1937, Don was one of the original volunteers who responded to the Detroit News’ call to help build a new type of iceboat called the DN 60, “a one-person boat with 60 square feet of sail.” You can read his article on the history of the DN here.

The DN iceboat, like many successful sailing classes, has modernized over the past 86 years, incorporating new materials for improved boat handling and competition while still maintaining the ability to be built at home.

One thing that has remained constant is getting your DN to the lake is still easy. Eighty-six years ago, just placing your DN on the roof of your car must have felt incredibly freeing (though we recommend detaching the plank from the hull), especially considering the large Stern-Steerers that demanded a group effort and planning for their trip to the lake.

We are 33 days away from the unofficial opening of the season, the Western Challenge in Minnesota. Whether you cartop or trailer your DN, we hope to see you there.

Car-topping and some mast-leaning in Sweden at the 2023 Grand Masters.