Video screenshot of Gold fleet weather mark rounding from Facebook.

Once again, Mother Nature has surprised us with its ever-changing conditions. What started as slushy ice at Monday’s end hardened overnight, presenting us with a different challenge on Tuesday morning. Under bright, sunny skies, the Race Committee wasted no time setting the course for the day’s races, anticipating the forecasted breeze. Despite a calm start during the skipper’s meeting, the wind gradually picked up, providing more than enough momentum for the Silver fleet’s third race around 10 AM. The Silver fleet race was exciting with the top boats exchanging lead changes. Bill Cutting, David Frost, and Ed Demerest took the top three positions.

As clouds gathered in the northwest, signaling a shift in weather, the winds strengthened throughout the Silver fleet race. By the time the Gold fleet took the course, it was blustery. Matt Struble once again showcased his dominance, describing the day’s sailing as an “Interesting day today with the breeze a little over the boat’s capabilities. Fast forward sailing…” Behind him, Ron Sherry secured a commanding second place, followed by Steve Orlebeke.

Last night, the DN class annual meeting convened at the regatta headquarters. During the session, Junior Sailing Director Sam Bartel took the floor, sharing his innovative ideas on how class members can actively contribute to the advancement of junior sailing.

With temperatures dropping to 3°F this morning, a stark contrast to Monday’s high of 61°F, we await what day three of the 2024 DN North American Championship will bring on Lake Waconia in Minnesota.

The skippers meeting will be at 9AM. The Race Committee will decide at that point whether or not to postpone for temperature, but be ready!
BANQUET: Join us tonight, Wednesday, February 28, at 6 PM at Lola’s Lakehouse, 318 E Lake St, Waconia, MN.

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