Sean R Heavey: 2022 DN US Nationals &emdash; Heavey__A733316
Via Western Region Commodore Chris Berger:

The Western Region Championship is called on.
Clear Lake, Iowa. Register here.

Just when we thought it wasn’t going to happen, we found some ice in Iowa. It is late in the season and the ice isn’t perfect, but it is 16″ thick and sailable. It is reported to be rough, but no launchers. Rated about a 5. Again, it is not perfect but it is all we have. So, lets get out there and sail it while we still can.

What to Know
Sailing Instructions
Provisional Results

Date: March 12-13, 2022
Clear Lake, Iowa
Lekwa Marsh Access – Roll trailers onto the ice
There will be a map posted with hazards.

Microtel Inn & Suites
1305 N 25th St, Clear Lake, IA 50428

1406 N 25th St, Clear Lake, IA 50428

Best Western
2023 7th Ave N, Clear Lake, IA 50428

(UPDATED on Saturday, March 12 at 6:30 AM. Skipper’s meeting was postponed because of temperature.)
Saturday, March 12: 10 AM Skippers Meeting, Gold fleet start to follow.
Sunset is 6:16 PM
Sunday, March 13: 9 AM first race

Ice Report via Pat Heppert:  Ice thickness is 20″ except the open water from the two large permanent aerators on the lake.  Please see map! The good news is that we have a massive area and no issues getting a 1 mile course if desired. The surface of the ice is very flat, but rough. What that means is that there is not very much up and down that is the boat wrecking, airborne kind, but the surface is very rough, and it will make a ton of noise, no doubt. Perfectly acceptable for late season DN racing, but this is not Hollywood ice. I give it an official rating of 4.5, but keep in mind that is coming from a non-ranked sailor. I put blades on the ice today with my freeskate windsurfer. Top speed 36 MPH today, probably averaged 25 – 30 MPH. No issues with my little 2″ blades. I let go with both hands, balanced on the harness, and closed my eyes to try to better judge the roughness, and really it was just super rumbly, but no excessive forces transmitted to the board. If I can do it standing up, then you too can do it in your DN. FAIR WARNING. Rough ice is not for everybody, but I have no issues recommending this ice to friends, and most report I am generally conservative with my reports. Again, ice rating 4.5. Forecast is good.”

Clear Lake, Iowa Map showing launch and hazards. (click to enlarge.)