2018 Eastern Regional Championship Results

2018 Eastern Championship – December 15 – 16, 2018

Great Pond
Belgrade, Maine

Sail NumberNameInternational Rank
1C20Rasmus Maalen13
2G107Bernd Zeiger12
3G390Anja Fiedler16
4G551Seegers Christian11
5G737Joerg Bohn15
6G890Holger Petzke7
7KC 4360*Andr? Baby33
8KC 5457Colin Duncan52
9KC2766Peter Van Rossem25
10KC3475**Lester Druiven59
11KC5247Jacek MarzenskiN/A
12KC5493Robin Wynne-EdwardsNA
13KC5508Nicolas MabbouxNA
14KC5514John Curtis30
15KC5591Mike Webber51
16KC5629Robin LagraviereNA
17KC5992**Mike DruivenNA
18M53Peter Hamrak8
19OE213Peter Uhlmann38
20P107Marek Artur Stefaniuk18
21P114Michal Burczynski2
22P13Darek Kardas4
23P155Łukasz Zakrzewski3
24P243Adam Szczęsny21
25P31Robert Graczyk2
26P345Jerzy Sukow37
27P431Jarek Radzki9
28P55Tomasz Zakrzewski4
29P71Leszek Ziolkowski43
30R166Valeriy Dichenko37
31S107Stefan Bokfors23
32S8Fredrik L?negren11
33US 2360Pete Johns44
34US 4487Chad Atkins6
35US 4638Guy E Lovejoy8
36US 4975Robbie Evans5
37US 5166Chris Berger7
38US 5350Peter J Truesdell41
39US 5358David Frost28
40US 5432Mike Bloom19
41US 5451Andy Allen32
42US 5498Richard Gordon42
43US 5576Ray Gauthier50
44US 5633Peter Johanson35
45US 5666Peter McGowan56
46US 637Joseph Meade37
47US 65*Robert Gray43
48US107Hank Kaiser55
49US1277Hal Bowman42
50US1301*Chad Coberly41
51US1313Robert Rast45
52US1576Brian Jones64
53US1610Bruce Brown45
54US165**Josh HevronNA
55US209Trey Rose58
56US216Richard Potcova14
57US2500Eric Smith29
58US294*Lou Loennecke41
59US3Jim Grogan8
60US3186Jack EriksonNA
61US3283John B Williams16
62US3433Robert Cummins34
63US3535Jeff Kent63
64US3576Bruce JonesNA
65US3705Robert Holman33
66US3947Jay WhitehairNA
67US4Griffin Sherry13
68US4009Don Brush24
69US4137Ken Smith49
70US4155Rick Lemberg Sr.31
71US4192**Randy RogoskiNA
72US4203Patrick FitzGerald40
73US4249Dave Glick29
74US4387Charlie BlairNA
75US44Ron Sherry1
76US445*Bob Cave36
77US4775Eben Whitcomb27
78US4783Rhea NicholasNA
79US4789Chris ClarkNA
80US4868Julie Richards24
81US4882Richard Wollam32
82US4925Scott B Valentine51
83US4926*Steve Orlebeke3
84US4974Stan Jones35
85US5053George Reis27
86US5116*David Clapp14
87US5127*Hugh StephensNA
88US5158John BusheyNA
89US5193Eric Anderson23
90US5219Kent Baker25
91US5224James Thieler4
92US5285Chris Teal33
93US5298Scott BrownNA
94US5352Daniel Hearn27
95US5397Renee FieldsNA
96US5415Christopher Miller28
97US5420Michael DeyeNA
98US5435Jody Kjoller26
99US5469Oliver Moore10
100US5471**Timothy Cleary Jr58
101US5478Jack GoritskiN/A
102US5479Gretchen WilbrandtNA
103US5486Dave Elsmo39
104US5590Christopher GordonNA
105US5638Steve BrownNA
106US60John Harper12
107US610Don Jones31
108US807*JR Francis24
109Z102Arnaud L'Huillier24
110Z25Pierre Bachalin50
*Gold Cup Only
** North Americans Only

2018 DN Eastern Championships Are ON For This Weekend 12/15-16

Via Eastern Region Commodore Chad Atkins


It’s Friday morning and here is your Eastern Region championship report from Great Pond in Belgrade, Maine. The Eastern Region championship is ON! Ice is black, hard, 4.5″-5.5″ thick, 40% Snow covered 1/4″ drifts. There are a few leads on the way out but easily spotted at lower speeds sitting up. Looks like we should have a 3/4 mile circle to play on.

Saturday morning registration 8:45-9:45 am only at the launch
Followed by a skippers meeting
1st race immediately following

Sunday morning registration 8:45-9:15 am only at the launch
Followed by a skippers meeting
1st race of the day immediately following

***Entering on either day- Signing in, registering and showing your $300,000 liability insurance coverage is mandatory along with being a current IDNIYRA member in good standing (idniyra.org) If you can have a registered sail # as well it would be greatly appreciated!***

Hotels are in Augusta about 25 minutes south of the launch off 95. There is a group of us staying at the Senator Inn and spa, mention the iceboating group might help with pricing. There is a bar and restaurant in the hotel.

Senetor Inn and spa-
284 Western Ave, Augusta, ME 04330
207 622 5804
Double- $120 (might be $108 for us)
Single queen-$99

Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Best, Chad

P.S. Any additional information will be posted to https://neiya.org

Western & Eastern Region Regatta Dates Announced

Western & Eastern Region Regatta Dates Announced

Dates for two regional DN regattas have been announced.

Date: January 6-7, 2018
Location: Best ice in the Western Region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, or Iowa)

Date: January 13-14, 2018
Location: Best ice in the Eastern Region