Wanted: 4 DNs for Charter @ Grand Masters Regatta in Sweden Feb 2023

DNs waiting for the wind on Lake Minnewaska, Starbuck, MN.

Good morning from Starbuck, Minnesota, Lake Minnewaska, site of the Western Challenge. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe this beautiful ice. About 40 DNs from North America, Sweden, and Germany waited for the breeze to fill in and take advantage of the window of opportunity before the wind became too strong. Sailors set up some marks and took a few laps on the fast ice.

Some of the talk at dinner last night was about the 2023 Grand Masters Cup (GMC), organized by DN Sweden for February 7-9. The GMC is for DN sailors 60 years and older. Kickstarts are the rule, and no running starts are allowed. With a three-race per-day limit, there’s an emphasis on fun and friendship. The Dutch Swedish DNer, Dideric Van Reimsdijk, is one of the GMC Race Committee members here at the Western Challenge.

At the end of dinner, four American Grand Masters asked him to find boats for them to charter to attend the regatta. Dideric and Richard Gustring, the event organizer, ask for help finding four charter boats for American sailors. Please get in touch with Richard if you have a DN for charter. Grand Masters Cup information.

Meanwhile, we are soon heading to the launch. Stay tuned to IDNIYRA’s Facebook page for live updates and photos.

Grand Masters Regatta Report

Michael Pettersson L65 and Tomas Lindgren S81 line up at the two and one blocks to race.


DN Finland organized the third annual Grand Masters regatta on Lake Öljaren near Katrineholm, Sweden, February 8-10, 2022. In 2018, Ollie Virta L121, Timo Caravitis L37, and Richard Gustring S713 originated this informal fun regatta noted for its unusual starting procedure. Running starts are prohibited. Competitors must be at least 60 years old, start the race with one leg on the plank, and push off with the other leg. And yes, the regatta committee does watch for any infractions to this rule. 

DN Finland and DN Sweden take turns managing the regatta. John Winquist L601 served as PRO assisted by Vesa Karhusaari and Dideric van Riemsdijk S867. 

Snow put a temporary hold on ice sailing in North America after the U.S. Nationals. I had always wanted to see the Grand Masters event and took a chance on traveling to Europe, which was a bit more complicated because of pandemic restrictions. 

The O’Hare Delta agents were baffled whether I needed a visa to travel to Sweden (a visa was not required) or even fly through Amsterdam. The regulations were so confusing that they passed me off to the next flight. And so it went until I presented my test results at immigration in Gothenburg, Sweden. I had made it! 

When I arrived, Sweden didn’t have many restrictions, and all regulations ended a few days later. Ice sailing life was back to normal, the same as my last visit here for the World Championship in February 2020 before the world shut down. Our pandemic lives were a big topic of discussion, and we were overjoyed to be back on the ice and with friends again. 

DN Finland was kind enough to give me a yellow vest and scoring tools. Hard black ice with a skim of water with winds around 15 mph, gusting to 20, made for sporty conditions. The regatta was called complete after six races. The camaraderie among these long-time friends was the focus of the regatta and the four-race per day limit assured plenty of time for socializing and evening group dinners. 

Thank you, DN Finland, DN Sweden, and all ice sailing friends, for welcoming me to your special event. Perhaps it’s time to organize a Grand Masters regatta in North America.