Rule 69 Blog: Olympic Ice Yachting?

Like clockwork, sailing fans raise the subject of DN ice yacht racing as an Olympic sport in the weeks before the event. UK DN racer David Howlett K13 (an uber high-level soft water sailing coach and trainer) shared this recent blog post from Rule 69 Sailing that asked the question.

Follow the links below to the September 2017 issue of Runner Tracks for more background and timeline provided by former IDNIYRA European Secretary Chris Williams.

Every time a Winter Olympics comes around, I can’t help myself but dig out the old World Sailing video of David ‘Sid’ Howlett, Ben Ainslie’s uber-trainer, and join him full square in his passion for ice yachting and I’m still left thinking that it would be a superb discipline, even as a demonstration event, at a Games. Continue reading.

2017 September Runner Tracks
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September Runner Tracks Newsletter

Runner Tracks, the newsletter of the IDNIYRA, has been virtually delivered to your door. Meade Gougeon is on the cover, the first photo of Meade ever taken by Gretchen Dorian while at her first iceboat regatta in ten years ago. European IDNIYRA Secretary Chris Williams has provided a timeline as to what transpired when DNs were being considered for Olympic glory and why that didn’t happen. Other features include class members sharing their remembrances of Meade, minutes of the 2017 EU Secretaries meeting, and the 2018 International Rank list. [If you have any questions about the list, please email to] Read all about it here on the Runner Tracks page.

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