2023 Central Region Championship Postponed

2013 DN Centrals. Photo: Catherine E. Firmbach

Based on our ice scout report today, I am sorry to report that I will need to postpone our 2023 Central Regatta that was tentatively scheduled for Jan 7- 8, 2023. The Central Regatta will now be scheduled after the DN Gold Cup & North American Championship.
Next update will be Monday. January 30, 2023 after 9pm EST.

Good luck to everyone attending the DN Gold Cup & North American Championship. Sail Fast!

Stay tuned & be ready for a February regatta.
Think Ice & think cold!!
Central Lakes Rear Commodore
Rob Holman US3705




Greetings From the Western Region,
Following is a round up of regatta information. Have a question? Get in touch with us: secretary.idniyra@gmail.com


As we’ve done in the past three years, we will use a texting program to communicate with competitors. No need to download an app, messages from the Race Committee will come right to your phone. After each race, when the scoring team completes the line-up sheets, they will send a photo by text for your convenience. (Of course, this depends on cell phone coverage, but we have yet to encounter a problem.) If you don’t carry a phone on the ice, we will post the line-up sheets as usual. Unfortunately, our texting software doesn’t handle international numbers, but no worries, we have you covered with WhatsApp.
We’ve set up a WhatsApp Group to communicate with our international competitors. If you’d like to join, email or text Deb, and she’ll send you the link to join.

Harken is the official media sponsor of the 2023 World Championship. Harken marketing communications team members, including Hannah Noll, will join us on the ice to produce daily video reports and social media content. Hannah and the Harken team will be looking to interview competitors, so here’s your chance to share your passion for DN sailing with a global audience.
Follow Harken on Instagram and Facebook for storytelling throughout the event.
Sign up for the Harken quarterly newsletter at bit.ly/AtTheFrontSubscribe
See their special iceboating issue here: https://bit.ly/AtTheFrontFebruary2021

Did you know that the IDNIYRA has an official Instagram account? Check out the reels and photos created and curated by Sam Bartel US1011.




2023 Western Region Championship Called ON for 7-8 January

His first time at the tiller under Dad’s watchful eye. Lake Kegonsa in WI, January 1, 2023.

2023 Western Region Championship
Via Western Region Commodore Chris Berger US5166

The 2023 Western Region Championship has been tentatively called on for January 7 – 8, 2023 with Lake Kegonsa and Lake Winnebago as possible sites. Several DNs were on Lake Kegonsa over the weekend and we had some great rides but there was never enough breeze for racing. We will be keeping an eye on the weather and checking sites on Thursday. Final confirmation will be posted on this website Thursday evening, January 5, 2023 by 8 PM CT.

2023 DN Western Region Championship
Tentatively Called ON for January 7 – 8, 2023
Final Confirmation January 5, 2023 by 8 PM CT
Location: Lake Kegonsa or Lake Winnebago

Register Today for the 2023 World & NA Championships!

Photo: Joe Berger

Be on time to the starting line! Regatta fees increase on January 1, 2023. Take a few minutes and register. Please be sure to either upload your proof of insurance or send it to us immediately. It helps the race committee manage things more efficiently and saves time.
Regatta fees increase after December 31, 2022. European and Junior Skippers are not subject to a late fee penalty. European competitors are requested to notify the Class Secretary at secretary.idniyra@gmail.com that they will be attending.

What To Know
2023 DN Worlds & North American Championships
Registration January 21, 2023
Racing: January 22 – 28, 2023
Location: Best ice in Western Region (IL, IN, MN, WI, or UP of MI)
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