Rudi Bauer OE39

Rudi Bauer and Ron Sherry

The IDNIYRA is saddened to announce that Rudy Bauer OE39 passed away at his home in Austria on January 1, 2022. The entire DN community extends our condolences to Rudy’s family.

Ron Sherry US44 recalls:
I called Rudy ‘The World Champion of Fun.’ He was a champion ice boater, downhill skier, and true ambassador to the sport of iceboating. In 1998, I built him a complete DN, which he raced in North America. He then shipped it to Austria and made sure I had a good boat for European regattas. He said, “Ron, you come to the Worlds, and you can sail this boat.” With his help, I won my first Worlds in 1998 in that boat.
We had such wonderful times together. Rudy would haul a big old beat-up leather suitcase to the pits, filled with cheese, bread, and meats to share at the end of the racing day. Nothing ever tasted so good after a hard day of sailing, standing around with your buddies rehashing the day.

From left, Art Teutsch, Dan Connell US1630, and Rudi Bauer OE39. (Screen shot from the 1993 World Championship video.)