Via DN Western Region Commodore Daniel Hearn

DN Sailors:

(If you’re a skimmer, read the bold face).

Mark your calendars! The dates for our 2020 North American Championships are now set. The event will be held January 18 – 25, with the Western Region as the host. We were tentatively targeting the last two weeks in January, awaiting announcement of the Gold Cup dates. Historically, these two weeks offer the greatest number of options for good ice in the Western Region with cold temps locking up most of our lakes by that point, and with less chance of them being snowed out. At the recent National Secretaries meeting in Europe, February 8 – 15 was selected for the 2020 Gold Cup, so we are going for the earlier of our two target weeks to maximize the gap between the two events. Unfortunately, it will end up being a bit tight for those of you planning to race on both continents, but it’s workable. We did consider going even a week earlier, but decided that wasn’t great either, as that would likely make the NAs the first regatta of the season for too many of you. We may end up conflicting with the Northwest Regatta, but as always, we have to look into a foggy crystal ball, place our bet and hope for the best. So, once again mark your calendars for January 18 – 25 for the DN 2020 North American Championships.

I know it’s a long way off, but it’s never too early to be thinking about volunteers. After Mother Nature, it’s the volunteers who make our events amazing. So, if you’re inclined to pitch in, or know someone who would, I’d appreciate an email, text or call letting me know. Whether it’s for a day or two, or the entire week, I’d be very happy to add any names to my list for support in any capacity. Contact info– (mobile) 608-692-4007

Have a great summer, and see you on the ice next season!

Daniel Hearn

Western Region Rear Commodore