We are pleased to announce the primary site for the upcoming DN North American Championship ahead of schedule.

The primary site for the championship will be Lake Waconia in Waconia, MN, and we will continue to scout ice in Minnesota for backup sites.

We want to thank Eastern Lakes Commodore James “T” Thieler and dedicated ice checkers Bill Bucholz, Jeff Roseberry and Paul Chamberland on the East Coast for their efforts. While the championship was originally slated to take place in the east, the unpredictable weather conditions and a lack of big ice have led us to select a location in Minnesota.

We want to thank Minnesota sailors Mike Bloom and Sam Bartel for their extensive windshield time and ice scouting over the last few days.

Consider arriving early to compete in the oldest ice yacht regatta in North America, the Northwest, a 3-day regatta. Where else can you sail a regatta for $16 and see Skeeters and Stern-Steerers? Registration will open tomorrow,  Information here.

Stay tuned for further updates and detailed information about lodging, launch, etc.

See you on the ice!

2024 DN North American Championship Event page
Dates: Feb 25 – March 2
Primary Site: Lake Waconia, Waconia, MN
Launch: TBA
Lodging: TBA

  • Sunday, February 25, 2024, Check-in 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm local time: Location to be listed on the IDNIYRA website.
  • Monday, February 26, 2024 first race at time stated in sailing instructions.
  • Saturday, March 2, 2024, racing is concluded.

Racing Rules

C) b) When not held in conjunction with the Gold Cup, the North American Championship regatta is held during a specific week, beginning on a Monday and ending on Friday, with Saturday as a reserve day. If 3 races in all fleets have not been completed by sundown on Friday, racing shall be continued until sundown on Saturday.