February 25 - March 2, 2024 in North America

2024 DN North American Championship
February 25 – March 2, 2024

Hosted by the Eastern Lakes Region, USA


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  • Thoughts on Measurement & Building Tolerances by Warren Nethercote
  • 2024 North American Championship Recap by Mike Bloom and Karen Binder
  • Adventures in Iceboating – 2024 North Americans by Ron Sherry
  • Regatta Results

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2024 DN North American Wrap Up

Junior sailor Maggie McGary. Photo: Julie Jankowski


Congratulations to all the competitors who participated in the 2024 DN North American Championship on Lake Waconia in Waconia, MN, from February 26 to March 1. Matt Struble US183 successfully defended his title while Bill Cutting US5430 won the Silver Fleet.
Senior Trophy US 183 MATT STRUBLE
Masters Trophy US 44 RON SHERRY
Grand Masters Trophy US 3 JIM GROGAN
Elliot Sharp Trophy, Highest Ranking Junior US 5777 MILO FLEMING
B Fleet Trophy US 5430 BILL CUTTING

A few highlights:

  • The Brian and Bruce Jones family epitomized the true spirit of the DN class, carrying on the legacy instilled by their parents. While some families plan their vacations around skiing or beach time, this remarkable bunch schedules theirs around the North Americans.
  • The hard work of the Canadian fleet paid off handsomely in this regatta with 4 top-10 positions. Robin Lagraviere kicked things off with a bang, competing in the Northwest regatta just days before the North Americans and securing victory in the DN class. He also clinched the top Canadian finish in the North Americans, landing in fourth place overall.
  • We welcomed three first-time racers, including Ben Garber, Peter Nordquist, and Noah Jones. Ben Garber particularly shone as the top placing Novice, with several top-ten finishes in the Silver fleet and an impressive 16th place overall.
  • It was a special treat to have one of IDNIYRA Junior Sailing Director Sam Bartel’s students, Maggie McGary, join us as a junior competitor. A sincere thank you to Maggie’s mother for her unwavering support to her throughout the week. New England Ice Yacht Club’s Milo Fleming, who drove from Maine with mom and RC member Nina Fleming and RC member Henry Copotosto, emerged as the victor in the junior fleet. Unfortunately, fellow junior Sam Bartel encountered boat damage in Race 4 and could not compete beyond that point.
  • Minnesota’s Peter Norton KA2, whose day job is president of the award-winning Rum Jungle Media, had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to unleash his team of professional video production crew at a DN regatta. We are all eagerly anticipating the final product.

Despite the challenging conditions posed by bumpy ice, the daily winds did not disappoint, providing a refreshing change and ensuring exciting racing throughout the event.

A huge thank you is owed to Regatta Chair James “T” Thieler for his tireless efforts in ice scouting and organizing meetings and trophy ceremonies. The dedication of the race committee was genuinely remarkable, and we hope to keep this talented group together for the 2025 World Championship. The race committee was composed of members from various regions who worked cohesively to guarantee the success of the event. Special appreciation also goes to PRO Pat Heppert for his strong decision-making and for ensuring ample sailing opportunities for all participants. The class is fortunate to have such an experienced ice sailor at the helm of these regattas.

Here’s a shoutout to the rest of the RC team:

  • Mercedes Auger, North Carolina Ice Yachting Association, Cary, NC: Scoring
  • Beth Corley, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: Scoring
  • Henry Copotosto, New England Ice Yacht Club, Maine: Starting Line, Staging
  • Nina Fleming, New England Ice Yacht Club, Maine: Scoring
  • Ann Foeller, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: Registration & Scoring
  • Bob Foeller, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: Registration, ATV, Starting Line, Staging, Recovery
  • Paul Hickman, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: Measuring, Starting Line
  • Julie Jankowski, Green Lake Ice Yacht Club: Weather Mark, Social Media
  • Dave Ryan, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: Measuring
  • Erica Stange, Toledo Ice Yacht Club, Toledo, OH: ATV and Safety
  • Fred Stritt, Delavan Ice Yacht Club: ATV and Weather Mark

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2024 DN NA Day 5 – AM- Update – The Last Day

It seems it has been a while since the North American DN class had a consistent week of winds, allowing for racing opportunities each day. Yesterday was no exception, with both fleets completing four races amidst sunny skies which brought back balmy (by iceboating standards) temperatures, a welcome change after Wednesday’s brutal cold.

The frigid 10°F temperature during the morning kept the ice bumpy, leading to some equipment failures. It was a challenging day for the racing marks, as both leeward and windward marks were damaged when hit during racing.

On Day 5, Matt Struble leads the Gold fleet while Bill Cutting holds a strong lead in the Silver fleet as we prepare to head to the lake.

Please plan on 9 AM skippers meeting and 10 am first race start. The Race Committee will asses the race-ability of the predicted high winds in the morning.

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2024 DN NA Day 4 – AM- Update – Spring Forward Again

Guy Lovejoy US4638 & Brian Jones US1576. Photo – Kim Hormell Jones

After a brief two-hour postponement, competitors and the Race Committee faced the sub-zero temperatures and adapted to the ever-changing weather conditions. The shifty winds added an extra element of excitement to the day’s racing, especially when PRO Pat Heppert shortened the course from 1.2 to 1 mile after the fourth Silver race. With lead changes and tight roundings keeping the scoring team on their toes, the competition was as intense as ever.

Jody Kjoller emerged as the dominant force in the Silver fleet, securing victory in all four races. Meanwhile, Matt Struble won the first three races of the day in the Gold fleet, while Ron Sherry won the final race.

Looking ahead to today, the forecast promises more spring-like temperatures accompanied by a 10-15 mph south wind, setting the stage for another day of racing.

9 AM skippers meeting with 10 AM first race. Silver fleet races first. The wind will be form the south, so the starting line will be two miles from the launch. Please plan accordingly.

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2024 DN NA Day 3 Update – We’re Not in San Diego Anymore

Video screenshot of Gold fleet weather mark rounding from Facebook.

Once again, Mother Nature has surprised us with its ever-changing conditions. What started as slushy ice at Monday’s end hardened overnight, presenting us with a different challenge on Tuesday morning. Under bright, sunny skies, the Race Committee wasted no time setting the course for the day’s races, anticipating the forecasted breeze. Despite a calm start during the skipper’s meeting, the wind gradually picked up, providing more than enough momentum for the Silver fleet’s third race around 10 AM. The Silver fleet race was exciting with the top boats exchanging lead changes. Bill Cutting, David Frost, and Ed Demerest took the top three positions.

As clouds gathered in the northwest, signaling a shift in weather, the winds strengthened throughout the Silver fleet race. By the time the Gold fleet took the course, it was blustery. Matt Struble once again showcased his dominance, describing the day’s sailing as an “Interesting day today with the breeze a little over the boat’s capabilities. Fast forward sailing…” Behind him, Ron Sherry secured a commanding second place, followed by Steve Orlebeke.

Last night, the DN class annual meeting convened at the regatta headquarters. During the session, Junior Sailing Director Sam Bartel took the floor, sharing his innovative ideas on how class members can actively contribute to the advancement of junior sailing.

With temperatures dropping to 3°F this morning, a stark contrast to Monday’s high of 61°F, we await what day three of the 2024 DN North American Championship will bring on Lake Waconia in Minnesota.

The skippers meeting will be at 9AM. The Race Committee will decide at that point whether or not to postpone for temperature, but be ready!
BANQUET: Join us tonight, Wednesday, February 28, at 6 PM at Lola’s Lakehouse, 318 E Lake St, Waconia, MN.

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2024 DN North American Day 1 Video Recap

Ice Sailing – Lake Waconia, MN 2/26/24 from Epic Aerial Productions on Vimeo.
We are excited to share a bird’s eye view video capturing the action from the first day of the 2024 DN North American championship. Many thanks to competitor Peter Norton KA2, a professional videographer who brought this opportunity to the attention of his colleagues at Epic Aerial Productions, who flew their drone over Lake Waconia on Monday.

DN NA – Day 1 Update & Schedule for Day 2, Tuesday, Feb 27

 Good Day Sunshine – photo Julie Jankowski

The 2024 DN North American Championship’s opening day was met with warm weather in Waconia, MN, with the high reaching 61°F.
Two races were successfully completed in both the Gold and Silver fleets. However, as the day progressed, the wind began to dwindle, and the ice softened under the unseasonably warm temperatures. The Race Committee called day one a wrap in the early afternoon. Scores are being tabulated and will be posted here. (Tabulator Ann Foeller has joined us on the ice as part of the scoring team for this regatta and will tabulate at the end of each day.)

San Diego’s Matt Struble US183, the defending champion who won both Gold fleet races, must have felt right at at home in the balmy temperatures. Bill Cutting US5430 and Matt Meyer US5646 each won in Silver. Stay tuned for more updates as the 2024 DN North American Championship unfolds.
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The race committee will reassess the ice hardness on Tuesday morning, and we will try to get some racing done before the wind comes up too much. There will be a 9 AM skippers meeting at the launch, and 10 AM first race start. Silver fleet goes first Tuesday.

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For all media inquiries, please contact
Deb Whitehorse
+1 608 347 3513


  • Sunday, February 4, 2024: Registration Deadline for early entry fee.
  • Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 9:00 pm, CST: Site info to be posted on IDNIYRA website.
  • Sunday, February 25, 2024, Registration 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm local time: Location to be listed on the IDNIYRA website.
  • Monday, February 26, 2024 first race at time stated in sailing instructions.
  • Saturday, March 2, 2024, racing is concluded.

Racing Rules

C) b) When not held in conjunction with the Gold Cup, the North American Championship regatta is held during a specific week, beginning on a Monday and ending on Friday, with Saturday as a reserve day. If 3 races in all fleets have not been completed by sundown on Friday, racing shall be continued until sundown on Saturday. 

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