North American Championship Regatta Winners

1953Jack MoranMichigan, USACass Lake, Michigan
1954Jack Moran (second)Michigan, USACass Lake, Michigan
1955Bill SporerMichigan, USACass Lake, Michigan
1956Ed GrantMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1957Skip BostonMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1958Remi DeBlaereMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1959Skip BostonMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1960Jane PegelIllinois, USADevil’s Lake, Michigan
1961Jack YoungNew York, USALake Geneva, Wisconsin
1962Reuben SnodgrassNew York, USALake Honeoye, New York
1963Jane Pegel (second)Illinois, USAMansfield, Ohio
1964Skip Boston (third)Michigan, USAToledo, Ohio
1965Ed Grant (second)Michigan, USACass Lake, Michigan
1966Ro RednerMichigan, USAGull Lake, Michigan
1967Ro Redner (second)Michigan, USALake Lamoka, New York
1968Gene TreuterMichigan, USACass Lake, Michigan
1969Jack WesenbergMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1970Tim WoodhouseMichigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1971Jan GougeonMichigan, USAGeist Reservoir, IN
1972Jan GougeonMichigan, USABantam Lake, CT
1973Tim WoodhouseMichigan, USASodus Bay, New York
1974Tim Woodhouse (third)Michigan, USAHamilton Harbor, Canada
1975Vello KuuskEstonia, USSRLake Geneva, Wisconsin
1976Jan GougeonMichigan, USAHamilton Harbor, Canada
1977John SchuckMichigan, USASt. Michaels, Maryland
1978Ed KraftMichigan, USACanandaigua, New York
1979P. BurczynskiPolandLake Champlain, VT
1980Meade GougeonMichigan, USAAlpena, Michigan
1981Jan GougeonMichigan, USAHamilton Bay, Canada
1982Henry BossettNew Jersey, USACanandaigua, New York
1983Henry BossettNew Jersey, USATrenton, Ontario
1984J. KoeckNew Jersey, USASandusky, Ohio
1985No Regatta
1986Jan GougeonMichigan, USAMuskegon, MI
1987Mike O’BrianNew Jersey, USALake St Clair, MI
1988Jan GougeonMichigan, USATrenton, Ontario
1989Ron SherryMichigan, USALake Champlain, VT
1990Henry BossettNew Jersey,USAElk Lake, MI
1991Ron SherryMichigan, USALake Leelanau, MI
1992Ron SherryMichigan, USAMadison, WI
1993Henry Bossett (fourth)New Jersey,USALake Geneva, WI
1994Jan GougeonMichigan, USAElk Lake, Michigan
1995Karol JablonskiPolandMontreal, PQ
1996Ken VanWagnenOhio, USALake Champlain, VT
1997Meade Gougeon (second)Michigan, USALake St. Clair, MI
1998Greg SmithMichigan, USALake Champlain, VT
1999Ron SherryMichigan, USALac St. Louis, Canada
2000Jan Gougeon (eighth)Michigan, USALake Miltona, Minnesota
2001Karol Jablonski (second)PolandSaginaw Bay, MI
2002Ron SherryMichigan, USAGarrison, Minnesota
2003Ron SherryMichigan, USALake Champlain, NY
2004John DennisMinnesota, USASandusky, Ohio
2005Matt StrubleMichigan, USAElk Lake, Michigan
2006Ron SherryMichigan, USAPepin, Wi
2007Matt StrubleMichigan, USAMenominee, MI
2008Matt StrubleMichigan, USALake City, MN
2009Ron SherryMichigan, USAMenominee, WI
2010Ron SherryMichigan, USAThunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
2011No Regatta
2012Ron SherryMichigan, USAGreen Bay, Green Bay, WI
2013John Dennis (second)Minnesota, USALake Pepin, Lake City, MN
2014Ron SherryMichigan, USALake Champlain, Plattsburgh, NY
2015No Regatta
2016Matt Struble (fourth)California,USALake Monona, Madison, WI
2017Ron SherryMichigan, USAGreen Bay, Peshtigo, WI
2018Ron Sherry Michigan, USALake Charlevoix, Boyne City, MI
2019Ron Sherry
Michigan USALake Wawasee, Syracuse, Indiana
2020James "T" ThielerRhode Island, USAFort Peck, Montana


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