Rope Halyard Proposal

The Rope halyard Proposal passed overwhelmingly.  Normally the effective date would be March 31 2017, however, the European Governing Committee specifically asked when they submitted the proposal that it be effective Jan 1 2017.  The Specifications Management Agreement make is clear that  if the Governing committee that requests the vote specifies  the effective date be Jan 1, that that overrides the March 31 date.  This is reflected in the minutes of the 2016 European Spring Meeting.

Therefor the effective date for the rope halyard proposal is Januay 1 2017 and rope halyards are legal for the 2017 Gold Cup and North American Championships.

Eric Anderson NA IDNIYRA Commodore

Attila Pataki  EU IDNIYRA Commodore

Jeff Kent Chairman  IDNIYRA Technical Committee

Para Aramid Tiller Clarification

It has come to the attention of the IDNIYRA  and European governing committee that the 2014 vote to allow para aramid in the construction of tillers was conducted incorrectly.  It was only sent to ballot in north America and not in Europe.  This violates the specifications management agreement.

The IDNIYRA Governing Committee and European Governing Committee, with the concurrence of the technical committee   have determined that the original vote allowing the use of Kevlar in the construction of tillers was not a legal vote.  Therefore this specification change is reversed.  Any member that constructed a tiller of para aramid  (Tradename Kevlar) shall notify the governing committee of their respective continent  so that tiller may be registered.  Any such registered tiller will be allowed for the 2016-17 season.

Since this was originally a North American proposal, the IDNIYRA Governing Committee will resubmit this proposal to a  membership vote in the fall of 2017.  Any tillers that were built between 2015 and now will be grandfathered in for this season, if they are registered.

Eric Anderson NA IDNIYRA Commodore

Attila Pataki  EU IDNIYRA Commodore

Jeff Kent Chairman  IDNIYRA Technical Committee

2017 Worlds: Register Now & Save Money

Western Region Commodore Mike Miller has just released the latest list of those registered for the 2017 DN Worlds & North Americans. See it on the 2017 Worlds page or click here to open the pdf file.

There are 14 days left to register and take advantage of the early entry fee. Register today! All the information about registration and the regatta is on the 2017 Worlds & North American page.

2016 DN Central Regional Regatta

“The weather in Northern Michigan has not been cooperating lately. Although we currently have 2 regatta sized lakes that have frozen, they are also snow covered. The very cold upcoming weather brings hopes of more potential venues throughout the central region. I am hoping to find or get word of sailable ice for a mid week regatta between Christmas and New Year’s. Ice checkers – please let me know of any prospects in the region.”

Bill Cutting


Worlds Regatta Shirts

We are happy to announce that we’ve opened a DN North American store through Cafe Press where you can buy DN branded gear. Our first offerings are  a sweatshirt and  long sleeved shirt with the 2017 Worlds logo on the pocket area in either gray or white. Visit the store by clicking this link.

Please note that all those who register for the 2017 Worlds will receive a free Hanes Cool Dri poly t shirt with the regatta logo.

You have the option of purchasing a 2017 DN Worlds long sleeved t shirt or sweatshirt  from Cafe Press here.

December 2016 Runner Tracks

The latest edition of Runner Tracks has been posted. This one’s a very special issue featuring a comprehensive interview with Jane Pegel by Susie Pegel, full of important class history and Jane’s take on the state of the DN class. Read it here on the Runner Tracks newsletter page.

Five  proposals  have been submitted and will be discussed at the 2017 annual meeting. You can download  the proposals by clicking this link.

There’s also an article by Ron Sherry explaining 4 simple ways to Be The Guy who promotes the class.

Did you know that Runner Tracks is available in three different electronic formats and you can also order it in a print version?

  1. Flipbook magazine: Best for laptops and desktop computers
  2. PDF: Best for tablets
  3. PDF Single Page: Best for mobile devices