Photo: Michał Skawiński “Kornik” POL 333 P-339

JWC Results IDNIYRA Europe

POLAND: The 2019 Junior DN & Ice Optimist World Championships got off to what can be a typical start to an iceboat regatta – having to move from the primary site because of snow. Luckily for the 80 competitors, ice was found 3 hours away on Lake Siemianowka and the regatta began with only a one day delay.
Congratulations to Estonia’s Rasmus Maalen C-20 for his win in the Junior DN fleet and to Poland’s Zuzzana Rybicka P119 for second place. Both Rasmus and Zuzanna competed in the Gold fleet at the recent European Championship with excellent results. Rasmus won the first race of the EC and finished 6th overall while Zuzanna was the top placing female.
In the Ice Optimist fleet, there was a statistical three way tie for first with Estonia’s Andrias Sepp C3 winning the tie break over
Estonia’s Lisbeth Taggu C1 and Poland’s Mateusz Gigielewicz P89.
The European Championship races began today and will conclude tomorrow on Friday, February 7.
Photos below: Olsztyński Klub Żeglarski Facebook Page