PRO John Atkins                                                             Photo: Cathy Firmbach

On Monday 20 May, 2019 we will be sending out electronic ballots for the election of officers for IDNIYRA for 2019/2020, and for consideration of an amendment to the IDNIYRA by-laws. The Governing Committee encourages your participation in the ballot, which will close on June 2nd.

Ballots are being sent to 242 members. Five members will not be receiving ballots because we do not have their current email address. Only owners of DNs have voting rights in IDNIYRA, so we are using sail numbers as an avatar for boat ownership, and your sail number is your election ‘voting key’. We have another 17 members who do not appear to have sail numbers and who also will not be receiving ballots.

If you have not received a ballot by Tuesday May 21st please send an email to Deb Whitehorse providing your current email address and sail number. If you need to order a sail number please do so online here.

Please vote and be an active member of IDNIYRA.