“Repairing a DN Ice Yacht for sailing on Lake Fenton, Michigan, USA”

Greg Bugula’s vintage DN iceboat  “My first very own DN iceboat I bought today!I’m am amazed how beautifully simple it is!”

Here’s a great article for all you cruisers and keepers of vintage DNs from Sail-World written by Greg Bugala:

I grew up sailing on Lake Fenton and saw a lot of iceboats sailing; as a kid I was always chasing them with my skates. Now aged 60, I found an old used DN iceboat for sale and decided to buy it. Number 1409, it was built around 1970. The DN is a small class racing vessel born in the 1930s via the Detroit News who sponsored a design contest. Today DNs are raced all around the world in the northern hemisphere.
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