Message from the IDNIYRA Commodore

Skipper’s meeting at the 2019 Gold Cup on Indian Lake in Ohio. Photo: Debbie Parker

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Special Message from the Commodore

Recently, Deb Whitehorse sent out a membership renewal reminder. The IDNIYRA By-laws define the membership year as November 1 through October 31st and only members in good standing may vote on Association affairs, per the IDNIYRA Constitution.

In the last column in Runner Tracks I said that we hoped to have simultaneous postal votes on the EPIC Agreement in North America and Europe this November. The new IDNIYRA EU is now operational and accepting memberships, so the simultaneous postal vote will happen! You should expect to receive ballots about the second week of November and will have to return them to the IDNIYRA Secretary on or before 29 November. Note well, to be counted, your ballot must be back to the Secretary, not just postmarked, by 29 November. This is a shorter turn-around than normal for postal ballots so that the result of the ballot can be reflected in the 2020 yearbook if the measure passes.

So … if you would like to receive a ballot to vote on the EPIC Agreement, please ensure that you renew your membership. The easiest way is on-line, at The best 26 bucks you’ve ever spent!

Background: In 2018, the North American and European Governing Committees jointly developed two documents, the EPIC (Established Procedures for Iceboat Competition) Agreement and the Regatta Management Agreement. We then published them in Runner Tracks to enable member feedback. These agreements (published in full at here ), if approved by the membership, would satisfy a several goals:

  • That we continue to sail the same DN in both North America and Europe
  • That we organize racing the same way in both North America and Europe
  • That we strengthen our trans-Atlantic relationships so that the DN continues to be the strongest iceboat class world-wide
  • That we replace the current Specifications Management System so that we can vote electronically on all matters, including technical specifications
  • That membership in the class be on the same basis in North America and Europe, i.e., an individual paying a fee to IDNIYRA or IDNIYRA EU.

If a 2/3rds majority of IDNIYRA and IDNIYRA EU member ballots approve the EPIC and Regatta Management Agreements, this will be the last postal vote conducted by the DN Class.
Warren Nethercote KC3786 Commodore IDNIYRA

Notice for Submission of Annual Meeting Proposals

Please submit all proposals for the 2020 IDNIYRA North American Annual Governing Meeting by October 26, 2019.
You can email them to the Secretary:

IDNIYRA Constitution

All proposals to be made at the IDNIYRA Annual Meeting shall be submitted to the Governing Committee in writing ninety
(90) days prior to the meeting

DN Sailing on Lake Baikal in March 2020

Become part of an international community that comes together every March to sail on one of the most remote places on the planet, Lake Baikal in Siberia. Those of you from North America who are attending the 2020 Gold Cup in Europe have an opportunity to get your DN to Lake Baikal via the Trans Siberian railway. Jorg Bohn G-737 explains it all below.
What to Know: Lake Baikal 2020

Going East!

Have your ever considered going to Lake Baikal?
Here is why it’s worth the trip!

By DN G-737 Jörg Bohn

The Baikal Short “Love“ Story!
Since 2012 I’ve traveled every year to Siberia and the Far East to go ice sailing.
In 2012, I heard about the Lake Baikal event from British ice sailor, Chris Williams K-1.
The logistics of getting our iceboats to Siberia were solved that first time with help of our Russian ice sailing friends in Moscow and the Trans Siberian Railway. We flew to Irkutsk from Europe through Moscow. We arrived in Irkutsk early Friday morning, one day ahead the event.
A minibus was waiting for us at the airport, thanks to our hosts, and took us straight to the sailing area called “Little Sea“ (Sarma), opposite of Olchon Island, to a place called Uyota. Even though, I was tired it wasn’t possible to fall asleep on that five hour ride. I had never before in my life seen such a wide open beautiful mountain landscape. Thousands of cattle and horses were scattered on both sides of the road and sometimes right in front us. Half way into our trip we stopped for a delicious meal at a roadside restaurant made by the indigenous Burjatien people.


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