Gearing Up for the Season

Newspaper article c. 1938, source: Don Dallar Scrapbook

A package of Don Dallar’s US46 scrapbook copies arrived at my doorstep, courtesy of Robert Cummins US3433. In 1937, Don was one of the original volunteers who responded to the Detroit News’ call to help build a new type of iceboat called the DN 60, “a one-person boat with 60 square feet of sail.” You can read his article on the history of the DN here.

The DN iceboat, like many successful sailing classes, has modernized over the past 86 years, incorporating new materials for improved boat handling and competition while still maintaining the ability to be built at home.

One thing that has remained constant is getting your DN to the lake is still easy. Eighty-six years ago, just placing your DN on the roof of your car must have felt incredibly freeing (though we recommend detaching the plank from the hull), especially considering the large Stern-Steerers that demanded a group effort and planning for their trip to the lake.

We are 33 days away from the unofficial opening of the season, the Western Challenge in Minnesota. Whether you cartop or trailer your DN, we hope to see you there.

Car-topping and some mast-leaning in Sweden at the 2023 Grand Masters.