“Lake Senachwine hosts U.S National DN Ice Yacht races after last minute relocation”

The residents around the Lake Senachwine area gave the DN class a warm welcome everywhere, be it on the ice or in their restaurants. We appreciated your interest and making us feel at home on your lake. Here’s their local newspaper’s write up:

Lake Senachwine hosts U.S National DN Ice Yacht races after last minute relocation
Originally scheduled for Madison, Wisconsin; competition moves to Putnam on four days notice
By Jayce Eustice

Competitor Pete Johns of Decatur helped bring the organization’s attention to the lake where he spends some time in the winter.“This freeze’s early because it’s shallow, but it had a bunch of snow on it this year so I haven’t sailed it yet,” Johns said. “I had a guy drive up here on Sunday and it was perfect.” Read more.

dniceboat.org: Your World Portal to DN Ice Yacht Racing

What media do you pull up on your mobile device when the subject of DN sailing comes up with someone who wants to know more about our sport? Now you can start with the landing page of dniceboat.org for the most exciting videos, best photography, and radical DN mast bend photos to convert the curious into DN sailors.

The DN Class comprises two continental organizations: the IDNIYRA (North America) and IDNIYRA Europe. Both organizations have developed a new world portal website, dniceboat.org, to showcase our sport’s best videos, and photos that are easily accessible on the front page. Our photographers and videographers best tell the story of DN sailing, and we are indebted to them for sharing their work with us.

International class members and those interested in DN sailing will find common governing documents, contact information, regatta information, results, and more on the portal.

The menu is simple, with four links, to Class Information, the continental websites, and contact information.

The Class Information page allows you to access the Specifications, the IDNIYRA Yearbook, Racing Rules, Regatta History, International Rank List, and another page dedicated to videos.
 VIDEOS (with links to EU and NA YouTube channels)

We will update Specifications and Interpretations changes on the world portal as soon as they come into effect, more efficient than waiting for the class Yearbook to be published months after the change.  In addition, we’ve combined the Specifications and Interpretations so that they are on the same page.

dniceboat.org is a portal to idniyra.org and idniyra.eu, which will continue to keep members informed of their specific continental affairs.

“Iceboat Racing Creates High-Speed Thrills on MN’s Frozen Lakes”

Minnesota DN ice sailing is in the good news of the week.

“The speed and acceleration is what keeps me coming back,” says Mike Miller of Mound. Miller has spent the past 20 winters racing iceboats. “It’s a great way to keep the sailing season going. We always get bummed in the fall when we’re packing up our “soft-water” boats, but as soon as that season ends, another begins.” Continue reading.

Steve Orlebeke in Seahorse Magazine: “Careful What You Wish For”


Steve Orlebeke US4926 at the 2020 North American Championship on Fort Peck Reservoir, Fort Peck, Montana. Photo: Gretchen Dorian.

DN iceboats in the press alert!  Seahorse Magazine has an article by Steve Orlebeke about our sport.

Not many sailors only ever have one go in a DN ice yacht. US sailor Steve Orlebeke explains why…

One hundred kilometres per hour downwind in 15kt of breeze. That’s what got me hooked. And I am terribly hooked.

This past January I drove 1,000 miles from Wisconsin across Minnesota and North Dakota to a lake in eastern Montana to sail in the North American DN Championship. Some sailors drove over 2,000 miles from the east coast including regatta winner James Thieler.  Read more.

Inside Great Lakes Sailing: Ron Sherry US44 Interview

Let’s talk DN iceboating with Michigan’s Ron Sherry US44.

Ron Sherry US44 rounds the mark at the 2020 North American Championship sailed on Fort Peck Reservoir, Fort Peck, Montana. Photo: Gretchen Dorian