Paul Chamberland Opens NA DN Season in Alberta, Canada

Paul Chamberland KC5700 kickstarted the North American ice sailing season on November 21, 2023, near his hometown on Owlseye Lake, Alberta, Canada. Getting his DNs onto the ice required some elbow grease, but the effort was undoubtedly worthwhile. On his way back to the east coast, Paul is planning on attending the first fun-regatta of the season, the Western Challenge, in Minnesota, December 1 – 3, 2023. Keep an eye on the Minnesota Ice Sailing Facebook page for the latest information.

It took all morning to carry both boats from the road to the lake through the woods. Got a couple of hours of sailing in. The wind was very light at that point which was good as I was exhausted from getting the boats to the lake. Amazingly only 12 minutes from where I grew up! Because there is no access I had never been to it before this week. It’s mostly 3.5’ deep and 5.5’ at the deepest
Paul Chamberland KC5700