The Summer Palace surrounded by beautiful ice in Beijing, China.

Ice sailing has the power to carry us to the most unexpected corners of the globe. Minnesota DN sailor Mike Bloom US321 finds himself in eastern China for the inaugural international DN regatta hosted by DN China. We’ll share reports as they come in.

I made it to Beijing China. I meet up with Joerg Bohn G737 and Jost Kolb G936 on Thursday. The DN regatta starts on Sunday on Bohai Bay in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Provence. It 2 hours north east of Beijing on the 200km per hour bullet train.
I’m spending today at China’s world renown Summer Palace. It really is spectacular. Only an iceboater would visit a summer palace in the middle of winter. The highlight is the large frozen lake. Not quite big enough to set a course but the hundreds of people out on the ice sure are enjoying themselves. Most are walking but many are driving pedal powered kick sleds.
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Mike Bloom US321