In Soundings: Glued Together – Jan and Meade Gougeon

Meade Gougeon in 1982 at Wittensee, Germany. Photo: Henry Bossett

Gougeon Archives
The Gougeon brothers’ pioneering work with epoxy construction revolutionized not only DN iceboat building but left a mark on sailing as a whole. Their significant contribution to DN sailing continues to inspire and drive excellence in the iceboating community.

Glued Together
The Gougeon brothers didn’t invent epoxy, but they were innovative boatbuilders who created the West System of epoxy products and revolutionized coldmolded boatbuilding.
In Meade’s eyes, the DNs were a great test bed for epoxy construction. They would also become the Gougeons’ first commercial enterprise. They would eventually build 200 DNs and they knew how to race them. From 1971 until 2000 Jan dominated DN iceboating, winning four world championships and 11 national championships. Meade would also win national championships in 1981 and 1997. Continue reading.

Meade Gougeon US882: 1938-2017

Meade Gougeon in 1982 at Wittensee, Germany. Photo: Henry Bossett

The DN class sends our thoughts and condolences to the family of Meade Gougeon who passed away on Sunday, August 27, 2017. Meade was a well respected class leader and had a tremendous impact on ice boating and all forms of sailing. Jane Pegel US805 remembers Meade:

It has been a privilege to witness the “Gougeon” era.   The brothers Meade, Jan, and Joe were all  top notch DN sailors.   While Joe ventured away from Gougeon Brothers, Meade and Jan became  innovators in the boat building industry.   “Get out the Gouge” became a familiar phrase, especially to those of us building and racing iceboats.  
Meade Gougeon was an outstanding leader, both in business and the DN class.   When a discussion was getting “heated”, Meade would step forward and with a few words lead us in a sensible direction.     A tough, but fair,  competitor, Meade’s contribution to the sport of iceboating reached far beyond the race course and is much appreciated.
…Jane Pegel
DN 805

North American Championship First Place
Gold Cup
1991 5th place
Gold Cup Senior Trophy
Past IDNIYRA Commodore

DN in Sailing Museum

Visit the Sailing Museum

The DN remains the world’s most popular iceboat for many reasons. It’s usually someone’s first ride, home buildable, easy to transport and set up, and pure fun to sail. The DN is also the perfect size for a permanent exhibit in the National Sailing Hall of Fame’s new museum in Newport, Rhode Island.

The DN’s natural wood hull, plank, and runners will stand out among the other five soft-water boats that will permanently hang from the former armory’s impressive wood ceiling in the interactive exhibition hall.

Home built by Doug Kolner (Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club) in Monona, Wisconsin, the boat reflects the DN’s humble beginnings at the Detroit News hobby shop in the 1930s and its evolvement into a modern racing machine. Doug built the boat using standard plans and it is most representative of the type of DN you’ll see at North American regattas. Typical of modern DN racers, the hull was built using Gougeon brothers epoxy, Harken brothers blocks, and Sarns hardware.

The DN class is honored to symbolize the spirit of American ice yachting in the new Sailing Museum.

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