Twenty20 DN Championship Registrants:

After careful consideration, the Governing Committee has concluded that we do not yet have enough thoroughly vetted information to announce a site for our event. We are electing to postpone for 24 hours to allow us to consider updated forecasts and verification of ice conditions of the sites currently on our short list. The primary issue is a wide band of snow that is expected to wipe out everything from the Midwest, to north central states, the east coast and north into Canada. Below is a map and statement from our independent weather advisers depicting expected snow falls.

“Due to storm system moving E thru Great Lakes into NE part of the US, there will be widespread area of 6+ inches across the region, most in northern Michigan into central/northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Lesser snow to S as some rain mixes. 1st attached map shows snowfall amounts thru Sun evening” Weather Commander Forecasting Service

The bright spots from a weather standpoint are locations on the outer fringe of the Western Region, specifically in the state of Montana.

“[This] chart shows snowfall amounts for US NW, which most of Montana has little or no snowfall thru Sun evening.” Weather Commander Forecasting Service

We recognize that Montana would be very long drive for our friends on the east coast and in Canada, but at this point, other viable options, which will not be affected by the major snow storm, have not been identified. 

I awoke this morning to see Lake Monona in Madison snow free. Unfortunately, the same as last season, Mother Nature is going to toss a white blanket on her before we have a chance to play. And she’s doing the same thing all over the country.

Lake Monona, morning of January 15, 2020

We WILL be playing somewhere next week, and it appears it may have to be in Montana, but we’re not prepared to conclude that yet. We may announce tomorrow night, or we may elect to delay another 24 hrs. to Friday night. By Friday night, all sheets will have been sailed and more of the impact of the coming storm known. In either case, we are officially delaying registration to Monday night January 20, 2020.


If you want to begin heading west, assuming somewhere west is where we are going to end up, then you need to make that decision for yourself. The Governing Committee is NOT advising you to do so. Please consult your own travel advisory resources to determine the impact of the storm on your probable driving route. Then, you will be better equipped to determine if and when you should start a journey. Of course we’d love to see you, but even more, we want you to be safe.


Stay tuned for the next update on Thursday evening, January 16, 2020.

Think Ice! (Not Snow)

Daniel Hearn
US 5352
Event Chairman
Western Region Rear Commodore