Twenty20 DN NA Championship: In the News

GREAT FALLS — Fort Peck Lake welcomed dozens of competitors of all ages from around the world last week.

Ice boat enthusiasts from Florida, Ohio, and even Germany and Poland arrived Wednesday for a friendly competition.

The International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association’s North American DN Championship took place over four days.

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Twenty20 DN NA Championship Update: Vests & Jackets

Sean R Heavey: 2020 IDNIYRA North American Ice Yacht Championship &emdash; _A737659

If you were signed up for the Twenty20 DN North American Championship, but were unable to attend, first of all, we missed you. It was an epic adventure, but we certainly recognize that the distance was particularly challenging for our eastern friends. Secondly, I’ll be mailing you your customized vest; and/or your team jacket, if you ordered one of those. I’ll try to get as many of them out this week before leaving for the Gold Cup, but some may have to wait until I return.
Think Ice!
Event Chair, Daniel Hearn US5352

2020 NA Update: Schedule for Friday 24 Jan

9 AM Skipper’s Meeting at Launch Site
10 AM First Start Silver Fleet Race #2 followed by short break and then Silver Fleet Race #3.
If time allows, racing will continue with alternating fleets (Gold Silver Gold Silver, etc.)
There will be no on-shore postponement. Plan accordingly to be on the ice ready to race all day.

The Executive Committee met tonight and determined that our governing documents are clear that if we do not complete 2 Silver Fleet races on Friday that racing will continue into Saturday, January 25, 2020.