2020 European Championship Cancelled

One of the constants in ice sailing is that the ice continually changes. Some big cracks developed overnight on the racing course and the Race Committee made the decision to cancel the European Championship.  Competitors were disappointed but respected the fact that the RC put their safety first. I’m staying on for the Junior Championship.


2020 DN Worlds Wrap Up & European Championship Update

World Champions: From left, 4th Madars Alvikis O31, 3rd Anton Didenko R163, 2nd Karol Jablonski P36, and 1st Lukasz Zakrzewski P155.

Worlds Final Results


European Championship Starting Positions

European Championship Day 1: Another Ground Hog Day*
The European Championship regatta was supposed to have begun today but as of 1400 local time, the wind hasn’t made an appearance. If it does, I’ll let you know.
*Ground Hog Day is a movie about being caught up in a time loop and repeatedly reliving the same day. The 2010 North American regatta is also known affectionately as the Ground Hog Day Regatta.

Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 Wins 2020 Gold Cup!

Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 moments after being declared the 2020 Gold Cup Champion    Photo: Sean Heavey

Final Results

Congratulations to Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 of Poland for winning the 2020 DN World Championship, Dideric van Riemsdijk S867 for first place in the Silver fleet, and Paul Jorgensen D156 for first place in the Bronze fleet. Today was a carbon copy of yesterday with no wind. Competitors hung tough waiting for a wind that never arrived. This is Lukasz’ first time winning a Gold Cup. The last “first time” winner was Sweden’s Thomas Karlsson in 2004. This is the 9th year in a row that a Polish competitor has won the Gold Cup. See Gold Cup history here. Off to prize giving soon and then the European Championship starts tomorrow. Please send wind!



2020 DN Worlds: Day 3 PM Report

Russian competitors Valentina Kozlova R79 of St. Petersburg and Anastasia Chernova R95 of Moscow.

Provisional Results IDNIYRA Europe Live Online Tracking

A Post About Nothing
A quick update before heading to dinner, organized by Jorg Bohn G737 and Lillen with some of the Russian competitors. Nothing happened today because the wind didn’t arrive at all. In true ice sailing fashion, people stood around, visited friends, discussed runners, measured cockpits, snacked on candy and chocolate, and enjoyed the beautiful day. The wind teased us at the end of the day and a C fleet race was attempted but didn’t make the time limit. The DN Gold Cup continues into Thursday.

2020 DN Worlds: Day 2 PM Report

Karol Jablonski P36

Provisional Results




Live Online Tracking

Good evening from a colder and drier Sweden. Yes, the newspaper trick worked for my boots, they were nice and dry this morning. We were concerned that “double ice”, what North Americans call shell ice, would develop last night. There was a little bit of shell ice that I saw around the pits but nothing to stop the racing. The Bronze fleet was set to race the first race of the day when the wind pulled a 90 degree shift. The course was reset and the racing began. Second day results here.
On the social side, our Swedish friend Lillan Evers who worked on many race committees in Europe as a scorer, is here in the cabin making us a spaghetti dinner and is staying with us for a few days. Skoal!