DNs line up to race on Lake Pepin in Minnesota.

Keep The Faith!

If this were a card game I’d call a misdeal. My partner starring across the table with that, tell-me-you’ve-got-SOMETHING look in her eyes. No face cards. No pairs. No aces. Four suits. One Joker, but it’s not funny. That’s my hand friends, but I’m still going to play it for all it’s worth.


Not much has changed since last night. Still lots of snow on the way almost everywhere. Except Montana. That’s a long way for a lot of people. That sucks. But the Governing Committee agrees, it would suck worse to not do our best to stage an event anywhere it could happen for those who could make it.


Some of you will undoubtedly be forced to pull out. We regret that. But we just don’t appear to have ANY other options. We’re going to delay another 24 hours to see if something miraculous happens. And if it doesn’t, we WILL call on the Championship for our best location. It’s likely somewhere in Montana. They’ve got ice. It’s got very little snow. Temps and wind look good. We’ve got someone sailing it tomorrow. A very experienced local ice sailor. In an ideal world, he would be ranked. In our world, he’s a great guy who’s been extremely helpful and is working hard to provide us with all the information we’re asking for.


Sit tight for one more night. We’ll be back tomorrow evening with our final call, pictures, videos, description, weather forecast, etc. For what it’s worth, we have exceptional accommodations lined up for where we think we’re going. And we’ve got lots of fun stuff planned that should make the regatta a great experience for all who will still be able to make it.


Keep the faith, and Think Ice! And remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it. We’re a special breed. Arguably not the most sensible in our selection of recreational activities, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! You in?




Daniel Hearn (aka, the guy whose ass is on the line)
US 5352
Event Chairman
Western Region (which now includes Montana) Rear Commodore