2019 Regatta Dates Announced

Plan ahead! The major DN regatta racing calendar has been set for 2019.

  • European Championship
    Date: January 20 – 25, 2019
    Host Country: Hungary
    Location:  Best ice in Europe
    Information:  DN Europe website
  • DN & Ice Optimist Junior Worlds & European Championships
    Date: February 2-8, 2019
    Host Country: Hungary
    Location: Best ice in Europe
    Information: DN Europe
  • Gold Cup & North American Championship
    Host Region: Central Lakes
    Date: February 16 – 23, 2019.
    Location: Best ice in Central Region or North America
    Information: This website

Attention Central and Eastern Region Sailors

Via North American Commodore Eric Anderson:

Our class is in need of  new Rear Commodores for the Central and Eastern Regions. Both Bill Cutting and Chad Atkins have indicated that they are not able to continue in the roles since both have young families. We thank them for all the hard work they put into the class, but now it is time for someone else to step up. Normally the Governing Committee does not get involved in regional affairs, but since the regions have not been able to identify replacements, we are putting out the word.
The Central Region is hosting the World Championships next year. A new Commodore needs to be picked in the next few weeks since planning for the Gold Cup needs to start ASAP. Please, if you are from the Central Region and willing to take on the responsibility let us know. We need to set the dates for the event soon and if have we don’t have a Central Region Rear Commodore, we will be forced to have a different region host.

2018 European Championship: Ron Sherry Wins 3rd EC

Results here.
The 2018 Gold Cup and European Championship regattas are in the books. Congratulations to Ron Sherry US44 who won his third European Championship in an extraordinarily tough field of competitors in frigid conditions on Lake Wielimie in Szczecinek, Poland. North American sailor Chris Berger US5166 joined Ron in the top ten with a 7th place finish.

Top 10 Gold Fleet
1 US- 44 Ronald, Sherry
2 P- 114 Michał, Burczyński
3 P- 36 Karol, Jabłonski
4 P- 155 Łukasz, Zakrzewski
5 P- 55 Tomasz, Zakrzewski
6 P- 13 Dariusz, Kardaś
7 US- 5166 Chris, Berger
8 G- 936 Jost, Kolb
9 C- 45 Mihkel, Kosk
10 P- 431 Jarek, Radzki

DN European Championship A Fleet Winners

2018 World’s & EC Update

Time for a quick update before heading to  the lake. Racing began at noon yesterday on the first day of the EC because of brutally cold  temps in the morning. A C qualifier, B qualifier, an A, and another B were sailed. Ron Sherry us44 took the first race.

It’s cold again this morning but lighter winds are predicted which will make for challenging conditions. Off to the lake!

2018 Worlds & European Championship: Day 1

It was a bluebird day for iceboating racing but a cold one. Winds were light to medium which allowed for ten races.
After placing well in the first race, Chris Berger had some tough luck at the start of the second Gold when he lost his halyard seconds before the race started and was unable to compete. After a tough first race, Ron Sherry made some changes that brought him up to second place in the next two Gold races. T Theiler kept climbing in the results all day, ending the day with a 4th. Tomorrow will be the finale of the Gold Cup and the European Championship will begin on Wednesday.
Results here.

2018 Worlds & European Championship: Szczecinek

The fleet made its way to Lake Wielimie near the city of Szczecinek, a five hour drive from Gizycko, Poland. Because there was no freeway, the trip took an extra two hours of driving through the winding roads and small villages of rural Poland. We were slightly delayed in our departure because of a flat trailer tire but a full pit crew of iceboaters made record time making the change. As you can see from the photo above, the sky was dramatic as we pulled in. It’s been another long day and will write more tomorrow night after the first day of competition. The Worlds begin tomorrow. Winds are forecast to be 7 MPH. Stay tuned for more.


2018 Gold Cup: Go Ice Sailing & See the World

We arrived last night to Gizycko, Poland. The last 30 km were a challenge because of a heavy snow squall that reduced visibility. Not the kind of weather that gives confidence while approaching an iceboat regatta. Today, scouts found another site with black ice in western Poland, 5 hours from here.  Racing begins Monday. To be continued!


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