Colin Duncan KC5457 New Canadian Rear Commodore

Colin Duncan rounds the mark at the 2020 North American Championship on Fort Peck Lake in Montana. Photo:

Welcome to a New Rear Commodore

I would like to welcome a new Rear Commodore to the IDNIYRA Governing Committee. Colin Duncan, KC5457, is taking over the reins of the Canadian Region from John Curtis, KC 5514. Both are members of the DN community in and around Kingston Ontario. Colin is not really new to IDNIYRA affairs since he has had background roles in the organization of the 2015 Gold Cup in Kingston and various Canadian DN Championships in the years since. I would also like to thank John Curtis, the outgoing Canadian Rear Commodore, for his contributions to the DN Class.

Warren Nethercote KC 3786
Commodore IDNIYRA

2020 Canadian Nationals Report

Sean R Heavey: 2020 IDNIYRA North American Championship &emdash; _A738116
UPDATE March 9, 2020: The results have been updated.

2020 DN Canadian Championships Regatta
March 7, 2020

Saturday morning saw cold temperatures from the night before which delivered hard ice for the duration of the regatta. Wind at 9:00 am was from the north and thanks to the race committee, the line was set for the 10:00 am start. Unfortunately, the wind dropped and backed to the west, southwest direction which meant that setting the line was just for practice. The line then was set in the middle of the Bay and two races were sailed. Unfortunately, a crack which was marked, grew beyond the marked area and found Ron Sherry which caused his plank and deck to be compromised. Fortunately, he was able to put together another boat and finish the regatta. The course was moved to beyond the crack and sailing resumed in the same location for the duration of the regatta.


Seven races were scheduled with one drop race after 7 races sailed. Races were banged off one after another, by the Race Committee who managed to get all 7 races in before the time limit of 16:00 pm. Peter Kraszewski, ran a tight ship as PRO along with his crew of scorers thanks to Louise, Andrew, Tom, Paul and Cindy. Spending the day on the ice, allowing the fleet to sail an awesome day of racing is much appreciated by the fleet. Thanks to everyone for stepping up.


The fleet also helped with setting marks, scouting, helping with the line and this was also a great help to make the regatta memorable. Thanks all for stepping in, asking what needed to be done and doing it.


The fleet thanks Colin Duncan for scouting the ice…turns out he also has talent in scouting restaurants as the fleet all enjoyed a private room in a nice Italian Restaurant. The results were presented at the dinner with James “T” Thieler winning the 2020 Canadian Championship. ‘T” is still having an awesome year after winning the North American Champs as well. Congratulation again T!


Just a note to some of the competitors that after the scores were tabulated in the parking lot with dimming light, I found a few small position changes today which effect some. I apologize for this. Final standings.


Thanks to the Halifax, Montreal, Michigan, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Kingston fleets who participated, making this a great regatta.


Peter Van Rossem
KC 2766