Great Western Challenge Recap: Pictures Say It All

Great Western Challenge Recap: Pictures Say It All

The ice was exceptional, and it just doesn’t get any better than what we had at Lake Minnewaska in Minnesota. There was plenty of it, no real hazards, hard and smooth. The welcome we received from the people of Starbuck and Glenwood was well worth the trip alone. Thanks to the Minnesota ice sailors whose efforts and determination found this incredible playground for the Great Western Challenge.
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Wanted: 4 DNs for Charter @ Grand Masters Regatta in Sweden Feb 2023

DNs waiting for the wind on Lake Minnewaska, Starbuck, MN.

Good morning from Starbuck, Minnesota, Lake Minnewaska, site of the Western Challenge. I’ve run out of adjectives to describe this beautiful ice. About 40 DNs from North America, Sweden, and Germany waited for the breeze to fill in and take advantage of the window of opportunity before the wind became too strong. Sailors set up some marks and took a few laps on the fast ice.

Some of the talk at dinner last night was about the 2023 Grand Masters Cup (GMC), organized by DN Sweden for February 7-9. The GMC is for DN sailors 60 years and older. Kickstarts are the rule, and no running starts are allowed. With a three-race per-day limit, there’s an emphasis on fun and friendship. The Dutch Swedish DNer, Dideric Van Reimsdijk, is one of the GMC Race Committee members here at the Western Challenge.

At the end of dinner, four American Grand Masters asked him to find boats for them to charter to attend the regatta. Dideric and Richard Gustring, the event organizer, ask for help finding four charter boats for American sailors. Please get in touch with Richard if you have a DN for charter. Grand Masters Cup information.

Meanwhile, we are soon heading to the launch. Stay tuned to IDNIYRA’s Facebook page for live updates and photos.

Western Challenge Called ON for Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN

The Western Challenge has been called on for Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood, MN.
What To Know:
Dates: December 2-4, 2022
Location: Lake Minnewaska, Glenwood, MN
Launch: Lakeshore Park, Starbuck, MN UPDATE: Please, no trailers on the ice.
Lodging: Glenwood, MN
The ice has been walked but not sailed. If you plan on sailing tomorrow, sail with your head up. Ice thickness has been reported to be between 3 – 5.”

Western Challenge News

The Doctor. Photo: Gretchen Dorian

UPDATE: 30 November, 2022: The Western Challenge has been called on for Lake Minnewaska.
The Western Challenge has been called on, primary site in Hutchinson, MN. There are other sites in Minnesota being monitored. Final confirmation will be posted on this website on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 by noon CT. Stay tuned to this website.
What to know:
Western Challenge: A chance to learn about DN sailing, test your gear, meet up with friends, and do some scrub racing. 
December 2- 4, 2022
Primary Site: Lake Washington, Hutchinson, MN

US183 and US321 enjoying the sunshine.

Undisclosed in MN

In the inbox this morning:

Let the games begin. Undisclosed location in Minnesota. Need to scout and confirm entire lake is safe The first Minnesota sailor is the guy that bought Harry Allen’s boat. Think ice.

Minnesota sailors are searching for Western Challenge ice. The Western Challenge (December 2-4, 2022) is the first gathering of the season and a very informal regatta. The place to check out what DN ice sailing is all about. Stay tuned for site location announcement next week.