1987 DN World Championship Video

Here’s something to watch while we wait to learn the location of the 2022 U.S. Nationals (The location will be announced next Thursday, January 20, 2022.) Jeff Kent shared this video of the 1987 DN World Championship sailed on Lake St. Clair, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. I added a few captions to identify some of the people who were interviewed. There’s some technical bonus footage at the end including a visit with Henry Bossett at the sail loft and then sighting runners with Jeff Kent. Results are posted below.


1993 Worlds: A Look Back Through Video

Here’s a raw, unedited video from the 1993 IDNIYRA World Championship from Andre Baby, the Montreal Iceboating Association, and Jeff Kent. The 1993 Worlds was memorable for being one of the biggest, with four fleets and over 170 competitors, and sailed on Geneva Lake in southern Wisconsin. The video is typical 1990s VCR quality but still worth a look. Pay close attention, and you’ll see many familiar faces in the opening ceremony and the trophy presentation. There’s racing footage in between the opening ceremony and the prize giving. Happy New Year from the IDNIYRA.

Jeff Kent Wins Worlds
By Eric Armstrong US4232
February 1993 IDNIYRA Runner Tracks Newsletter
Jeff Kent of Weymouth, Massachusetts USA, has won what is being hailed as the most competitive Gold Cup in the history of the event with eleven points. One hundred seventy-eight competitors from ten countries gathered in Fontana, Wisconsin, to race on Geneva Lake on January 24th, 1993. Ten competitors at the regatta had a ranking number of three or less. This is the largest fleet of top competitors ever assembled in North America. All of these factors combined to make the 1993 World Champion­ships very competitive and, most of all lots of FUN! Click here to continue reading.

September 2019 Runner Tracks

The September issue of Runner Tracks has been uploaded. The Technical Committee reviewed Peter Hamrak’s proposals, previously published in the May issue, and working with Peter, have submitted the ballot language. Then, we go back to 1971 for a look at what was then called “the championship”, a regatta held at Geist Reservoir in Indiana.

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  • IDNIYRA As a 501(c)(3) by Warren Nethercote KC-3786
  • 3 Specifications Proposals
  • From the Archives: The 1971 Championship at Geist Reservoir
  • Mast & Runner Specifications by Chad Atkins US4487
  • Minutes from the 2019 IDNIYRA European Secretaries Meeting
  • Rank List 2020

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North Star Sailing Club & DN History

“North Star Sail Club member Jack Vallad shares video memories of Ice Boating in the 1950s.”
This vintage video provides a fascinating glimpse to the beginnings of the DN class at the North Star Sailing Club in Harrison Township, Michigan.

Jane Pegel recalls:

Remi DeBlaere, who was a member of North Star DN Fleet built my first DN, #305 in the fall of 1956. The North Star club house was an old one room school house. Skip Boston used to tell me this story about North Sta : Via the grapevine, Skip learned that they were starting their DN races like sailboat races, everyone sailing jockeying around for the best start like in a sailboat race, with some collisions, as would be expected. So Skip went over to North Star and taught them how to line up for an iceboat race. Some of those original North Star DN fleet members became champions and as time went on some of the best DN sailors in the country were members of North Star and were very influential in the DN class growing throughout the North American and into Europe. Currently, North Star Sailing Club is one of the outstanding clubs on Lake St. Clair.

From the 2018 IDNIYRA Yearbook:
On January 7, 1954 the North Star Sail Club offered to be host for the annual regatta. There were no other offers so theirs was accepted. Sixty-two programs were sent out on February 1 for the regatta scheduled for February 20 and 21. On February 19 the regatta was transferred to Cass Lake because of poor ice at the North Star Club House on Lake St. Clair. The first five DN’s in this regatta were: (1) Jack Moran, (2) Skip Boston, (3) Paul Eggert, (4) Bill Sporer, and (5) Bill Sarns.

From the North American Championship History in the 2018 IDNIYRAYearbook:
1953: North Star Sail Club on Lake St. Clair in Michigan was the only club that offered to host the first annual regatta. 62 programs were sent out for the regatta scheduled for February 20-21. On February 19 the regatta was moved to Cass Lake, Michigan because of poor ice at the North Star club house on Lake St. Clair where it was originally intended.
1954: North Star Sail Club again sponsored the regatta and it was held at Cass Lake. The maximum fleet was 30 boats in the fourth race.
1955 The regatta was sponsored by the West Michigan Ice Yacht Club and held again at Cass Lake. 32 skippers registered.
1956: The regatta was sponsored by Anchor Bay Ice Yacht Club and held on Lake St,  Clair. 25 sailors registered.
1957: 21 skippers competed on Lake St. Clair and the regatta was sponsored by the North Star Sailing Club.
1958: The sixth annual regatta was sponsored by the Detroit Ice Yacht Club and held on Lake St. Clair with clear ice and moderate wind. There were 29 sailors registered.
1959: 44 sailors registered for the regatta which was sponsored by the North Star Sailing Club and sailed on Lake St. Clair. It was the first year that the first five placing yachts were measured and checked for compliance to the official specifications.