2020 DN Gold Cup World Champioship

2021 Ice Sailing Calendar from Sean Heavey

Sean Heavey, the photographer we met at the 2020 North American Championship, has issued a printed calendar. Sean’s the guy whose drone video captured the amazing battle between Ron Sherry and Steve Orlebeke. (Just mentioning it is a good excuse to post it again – see below.)

2021 Ice Sailing Calendar Information

Hello all and welcome,

2020 has been a year that will go down in the history books. For myself it has been a year of upheaval and unexpected adventures. The most unexpected adventure began after a text from an acquaintance tipped me off that our local lake was within days going to host North American Ice Sailing Championship.

I rearranged my schedule and went out on to the ice to get a closer look.

What a sight to witness… Truly is!

A few weeks later and with the help of people far and wide, many of whom I didn’t know or I had meet just days earlier, I found myself embarking on a trip to Europe to attend the World Championships.

So this year I though I would make a special 2021 Ice Sailing Calendar with some of the moments I captured along the way.

They are $20 USD each and what you get is a 12 months, full color, calendar that’s 8.5×11 in size with a couple bonus pages for fun. Here is a link to a full layout preview.

>> Full Preview <<<

Because I’m not sure what the demand will be for these I’m going handle them a bit differently than I do my regular calendars. During November I will take preorders and then send it off to printing the first week of December. Turn around is just over 2 weeks which means they should to me around the middle of the month and be ready to ship to you shortly after and with a little luck be delivered in time for Christmas. So if you live in the USA and are interested in getting one or two here is a link to place your order.

>> US Ordering <<< For those of you living outside the USA I still need to look into the best option for shipping. I regularly send shipping tubes to various place in Europe for the flat rate of $24 USD. In the coming days I will visit the post office to see if I can find a less expensive option. I think we will have to deal with them on a one on one bases so if you sending me an email we can work out the details.

>> EMAIL ME <<<  alconartz@gmail.com     And to hold you over till the ice forms and the calendars arrive here’s the link to the my drone video of final laps of the final gold fleet heat at the North Americans. When I finally figured out how to keep up with these wicked fast boats.

So thank you and I think it’s going to come out looking really nice. Think Ice…

2020 European Championship Cancelled

One of the constants in ice sailing is that the ice continually changes. Some big cracks developed overnight on the racing course and the Race Committee made the decision to cancel the European Championship.  Competitors were disappointed but respected the fact that the RC put their safety first. I’m staying on for the Junior Championship.


2020 DN Worlds Wrap Up & European Championship Update

World Champions: From left, 4th Madars Alvikis O31, 3rd Anton Didenko R163, 2nd Karol Jablonski P36, and 1st Lukasz Zakrzewski P155.

Worlds Final Results


European Championship Starting Positions

European Championship Day 1: Another Ground Hog Day*
The European Championship regatta was supposed to have begun today but as of 1400 local time, the wind hasn’t made an appearance. If it does, I’ll let you know.
*Ground Hog Day is a movie about being caught up in a time loop and repeatedly reliving the same day. The 2010 North American regatta is also known affectionately as the Ground Hog Day Regatta.

Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 Wins 2020 Gold Cup!

Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 moments after being declared the 2020 Gold Cup Champion    Photo: Sean Heavey

Final Results

Congratulations to Lukasz Zakrzewski P155 of Poland for winning the 2020 DN World Championship, Dideric van Riemsdijk S867 for first place in the Silver fleet, and Paul Jorgensen D156 for first place in the Bronze fleet. Today was a carbon copy of yesterday with no wind. Competitors hung tough waiting for a wind that never arrived. This is Lukasz’ first time winning a Gold Cup. The last “first time” winner was Sweden’s Thomas Karlsson in 2004. This is the 9th year in a row that a Polish competitor has won the Gold Cup. See Gold Cup history here. Off to prize giving soon and then the European Championship starts tomorrow. Please send wind!



2020 DN Worlds: Day 3 PM Report

Russian competitors Valentina Kozlova R79 of St. Petersburg and Anastasia Chernova R95 of Moscow.

Provisional Results IDNIYRA Europe Live Online Tracking

A Post About Nothing
A quick update before heading to dinner, organized by Jorg Bohn G737 and Lillen with some of the Russian competitors. Nothing happened today because the wind didn’t arrive at all. In true ice sailing fashion, people stood around, visited friends, discussed runners, measured cockpits, snacked on candy and chocolate, and enjoyed the beautiful day. The wind teased us at the end of the day and a C fleet race was attempted but didn’t make the time limit. The DN Gold Cup continues into Thursday.

2020 DN Worlds: Day 2 PM Report

Karol Jablonski P36

Provisional Results




Live Online Tracking

Good evening from a colder and drier Sweden. Yes, the newspaper trick worked for my boots, they were nice and dry this morning. We were concerned that “double ice”, what North Americans call shell ice, would develop last night. There was a little bit of shell ice that I saw around the pits but nothing to stop the racing. The Bronze fleet was set to race the first race of the day when the wind pulled a 90 degree shift. The course was reset and the racing began. Second day results here.
On the social side, our Swedish friend Lillan Evers who worked on many race committees in Europe as a scorer, is here in the cabin making us a spaghetti dinner and is staying with us for a few days. Skoal!

2020 DN Worlds: Day 1 PM Report


Provisional Results




Live Online Tracking

Good evening from wet Orsa Lake in Sweden, site of the 2020 IDNIYRA World Championship regatta. Did I mention that it was wet? I have newspapers stuffed into my boots in an attempt to dry them out. (Thanks to photographer Sean Heavey for that tip!) But the important thing is that the qualifiers, 2 B fleet, and 2 A fleet races were sailed. The winds were all over the place, both in direction and velocity. The ice was hard but I did hear racers mention that there were soft spots that grabbed runners a bit. The winner of the first race, Tomasz Zakrzewski P55, said that he was “fighting the boat” during the race and changed his runners from 100s to 95s for the second race. Tomasz’ brother, Lukasz P155, was in second place in the first race, the first time the brothers have lined up in the one two blocks for the next race. Their dad was right there with them, enjoying the action. The course was changed several times and the A fleet race started in light air but ended in heavier air. After an unusually dismal first race, Karol Jablonski P36 found his groove, battled against Ron Sherry US44 in the second lap, and took the checkers for the second race. The temperature is supposed to get cold tonight which will take care of the water on the ice. That’s all for now. It’s time to exchange the newspaper in my boots!
UPDATE: I forgot to mention why Daniel Hearn received a DSQ in the B qualifier. He sailed between the darling mark and the mark, not recognizing that the darling mark was a stick with red flag rather than a smaller mark like in North America.

Fleet heads home

2020 Worlds: The Middle of Somewhere


The hunt for regatta ice has started in Europe for the 2020 IDNIYRA World and European Championships, scheduled for February 8 – 15. After a one week break from the 2020 NAs held in the “Middle of Nowhere” Fort Peck, MT, North American competitors will begin their migration east. I’ll be tagging along and also attending the 2020 Junior Worlds from February 16 – 21. Watch for updates on this website and the IDNIYRA Europe website.
The map above is embedded on the Championship History page of this website. Interesting to note that the distance between the farthest west we’ve gone (Fort Peck, Montana) and the farthest east (St. Petersburg, Russia) is 4500 miles! That trip to Montana added some miles to our regatta map.

Sean R Heavey: 2020 IDNIYRA North American Ice Yacht Championship &emdash; _A737655We are very excited that Glasglow Montana photographer and drone pilot extraordinaire, Sean Heavey, will be joining us for the Gold Cup. DNs are not only fast and fun to sail, they are also a vehicle for creativity, as Sean and many other photographers have discovered.





North American Competitors Going for the Gold:
Chris Berger US5166
John Curtis KC5144
Robert Cummins US3433
Daniel Hearn US5352
Rhea Nicholas US4783
Ron Sherry US44
James “T” Thieler US5224


The DN is most popular iceboat in the world. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, your $25 membership in the IDNIYRA helps to promote the art and skill of DN ice yacht construction and the sport of ice yachting on all the hard waters of the world.



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