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2020 DN North American Championship

Hosted by the Western Lakes Region


Jan 16 PM Update: Twenty20 DN Championship

DNs line up to race on Lake Pepin in Minnesota.

Keep The Faith!

If this were a card game I’d call a misdeal. My partner starring across the table with that, tell-me-you’ve-got-SOMETHING look in her eyes. No face cards. No pairs. No aces. Four suits. One Joker, but it’s not funny. That’s my hand friends, but I’m still going to play it for all it’s worth.


Not much has changed since last night. Still lots of snow on the way almost everywhere. Except Montana. That’s a long way for a lot of people. That sucks. But the Governing Committee agrees, it would suck worse to not do our best to stage an event anywhere it could happen for those who could make it.


Some of you will undoubtedly be forced to pull out. We regret that. But we just don’t appear to have ANY other options. We’re going to delay another 24 hours to see if something miraculous happens. And if it doesn’t, we WILL call on the Championship for our best location. It’s likely somewhere in Montana. They’ve got ice. It’s got very little snow. Temps and wind look good. We’ve got someone sailing it tomorrow. A very experienced local ice sailor. In an ideal world, he would be ranked. In our world, he’s a great guy who’s been extremely helpful and is working hard to provide us with all the information we’re asking for.


Sit tight for one more night. We’ll be back tomorrow evening with our final call, pictures, videos, description, weather forecast, etc. For what it’s worth, we have exceptional accommodations lined up for where we think we’re going. And we’ve got lots of fun stuff planned that should make the regatta a great experience for all who will still be able to make it.


Keep the faith, and Think Ice! And remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it. We’re a special breed. Arguably not the most sensible in our selection of recreational activities, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! You in?




Daniel Hearn (aka, the guy whose ass is on the line)
US 5352
Event Chairman
Western Region (which now includes Montana) Rear Commodore

Jan 15 PM Update: Twenty20 DN Championship

Twenty20 DN Championship Registrants:

After careful consideration, the Governing Committee has concluded that we do not yet have enough thoroughly vetted information to announce a site for our event. We are electing to postpone for 24 hours to allow us to consider updated forecasts and verification of ice conditions of the sites currently on our short list. The primary issue is a wide band of snow that is expected to wipe out everything from the Midwest, to north central states, the east coast and north into Canada. Below is a map and statement from our independent weather advisers depicting expected snow falls.

“Due to storm system moving E thru Great Lakes into NE part of the US, there will be widespread area of 6+ inches across the region, most in northern Michigan into central/northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Lesser snow to S as some rain mixes. 1st attached map shows snowfall amounts thru Sun evening” Weather Commander Forecasting Service

The bright spots from a weather standpoint are locations on the outer fringe of the Western Region, specifically in the state of Montana.

“[This] chart shows snowfall amounts for US NW, which most of Montana has little or no snowfall thru Sun evening.” Weather Commander Forecasting Service

We recognize that Montana would be very long drive for our friends on the east coast and in Canada, but at this point, other viable options, which will not be affected by the major snow storm, have not been identified. 

I awoke this morning to see Lake Monona in Madison snow free. Unfortunately, the same as last season, Mother Nature is going to toss a white blanket on her before we have a chance to play. And she’s doing the same thing all over the country.

Lake Monona, morning of January 15, 2020

We WILL be playing somewhere next week, and it appears it may have to be in Montana, but we’re not prepared to conclude that yet. We may announce tomorrow night, or we may elect to delay another 24 hrs. to Friday night. By Friday night, all sheets will have been sailed and more of the impact of the coming storm known. In either case, we are officially delaying registration to Monday night January 20, 2020.


If you want to begin heading west, assuming somewhere west is where we are going to end up, then you need to make that decision for yourself. The Governing Committee is NOT advising you to do so. Please consult your own travel advisory resources to determine the impact of the storm on your probable driving route. Then, you will be better equipped to determine if and when you should start a journey. Of course we’d love to see you, but even more, we want you to be safe.


Stay tuned for the next update on Thursday evening, January 16, 2020.

Think Ice! (Not Snow)

Daniel Hearn
US 5352
Event Chairman
Western Region Rear Commodore

DN National Championship: What’s Up?

Photo via the Montana Ice Buds Facebook page.

If it were easy, everyone would be an ice sailor! Mother Nature is doing her best to throw us curve balls, but we’re hangin’ tough in the box ticking off foul balls. Strike one has been the warm weather in most of the places it’s supposed to be cold. Strike two has been the snow in the few places it’s been cold enough for ice. Later this week the ornery wench is threatening to throw some chin music, brushing us back from all the usual places we look for ice, with a major league dumping of snow. So, right now we’re looking to the west into the Dakotas and Montana to identify the places she’s overlooked. Our DN cowboy ice checking network is already out on the range looking for black gold. Sharpen’m up, pull out your cowboy boots and be ready to travel, partner, we may be headed west. Or maybe she’s just playing with us. We’ll see as the week progresses. Stay tuned and Think Ice!

Daniel Hearn
US 5352
Event Chairman

A Message for European Sailors Traveling to Twenty20 NAs

Photo: Gwidon Libera

Dear European Sailing Friends:

We’d be thrilled to see you at the Twenty20 DN North American Championship. If you’re able to make it, but have not yet registered, please just send us an email letting us know you are coming. debwhitehorse@gmail.com
We’d like to prepare for you a thermal vest customized with event logo and your sail number. The men’s version of the vest is dark gray and the women’s version light gray. Sizing information at this link.

If you can’t cross the pond this year, I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Gold Cup in February.


Daniel Hearn
Western Region Rear Commodore
US 5352
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Last Minute Shopping: Register for the 2020 North American Regatta Today!

You’ve worked hard this year, so go ahead and buy yourself that gift you’ve been putting off—that registration for the DN North American Championships.  If you get it done before midnight today, the Grinch won’t even slap you with that $50 late registration fee, that we’re not calling a late registration fee.  We’re calling it a “convenience fee,” because pre-event research revealed that ice sailors prefer to spin things toward the positive.  So, we’re offering you the convenience of registering after midnight tonight for JUST an additional $50 bucks.  Yes, you heard that right, JUST $50 bucks.  What’s $50 bucks, anyway? Your weekly Starbucks budget? A week’s cable bill? The tip you left for the cocktail waitress at the last regatta? Chump change!  So go ahead, put it off as long as you like, we’ll still welcome you at the event like the prodigal son.
Click to Register

Because I Love You

As long as you’re in the giving spirit, how about buying your spouse, your latest Tinder hookup, your kid or a good friend a customized Twenty20 North American Championship thermal vest, customized with their sail number, name or secret message that only the two of you will understand.  $45 bucks and an email to Deb Whitehorse with the men’s or women’s size selection and the custom embroidery you want, and your love vest will be delivered to you at the Championships.  To get in on this deal, however, you must email Deb by midnight December 31.    debwhitehorse@gmail.com


2020 North American Early Registration Deadline Dec 23

2017 DN Western Region Championship on Lake Monona, Madison, WI

Attention…Attention…Attention,” with a tip of the helmet to the ice sailing legend, Bob Pegel. The sign up deadline for the 2020 DN North American Championship is midnight this Monday, December 23, to avoid the $50 late registration convenience fee. This is also the deadline to be assured of receiving your customized thermal vest in your proper size. Hey, if you don’t mind parting with another $50 and wearing a generic vest that’s either too big or too small, we’re not here to judge! Would be really cool if you’d take care of your registration online and upload your proof of insurance at the same time. Here’s the link


If you do, Deb Whitehorse will give you a gold star, and she may allow you to view her plastic duck collection.

See you on the ice.

Daniel Hearn

Western Region Rear Commodore and Event Chairman

US 5352

2020 North American Championship Registration Office is OPEN

At Least You’ll Look Fast.

But you MUST register by DECEMBER 23rd!

Register by December 23rd for the North American Championship and you’re guaranteed a customized thermal vest in the size you really need. Miss the 23rd and you’ll have to choose from the extras we have left with no sail number. Since it’s a bummer to not receive your correct size, see below so you can specify when you register. Hey, here’s an idea! How about doing it right now?

See the graphic above. Download in pdf.
Women’s sizes are available through XL. Men’s sizes are available through 3X. Finished measurements are in Inches
Chest: Full chest, measured 1″ under the arms. Body Length: Measured from center of the back neck seam straight down to back bottom hem.BODY
S     44         27-3/4
M     47         28-1/4
L      50         28-3/4
XL    53        29-1/4
2XL  56        29-3/4
3XL  60       30-1/4

Finished measurements are in inches.
Chest:   Full chest, measured 1″ under the arms.
Body Length:      Measured from center of the back neck seam straight down to back bottom hem.

CHEST                 BODY LENGTH
S            38 1/2       26
M            40 1/2      26 1/2
L              43 1/2     27 1/4
XL           46 1/2      28
2XL         50 1/2      28 3/4
3XL         54 1/2      29 1/4

NOTICE OF RACE: 2020 North American Championship


International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association
2020 North American Championship Regatta
January 20 – 24, 2020

The Western Region and Regatta Chairman Daniel Hearn (US 5352), on behalf of the IDNIYRA, hereby invites all DN iceboaters to the 2020 North American Championship Regatta.

● All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the National Iceboat Authority, the Bylaws of the IDNIYRA, the Notice of Race, including any amendments to the NOR, (except as any of these are altered by the Sailing Instructions) and the Sailing Instructions.

● Races shall be sailed under the rules of the National Iceboat Authority and those of the IDNIYRA.
● The regatta is scheduled for 14 races per fleet with up to two throw outs.
● The number of fleets and racers per fleet will be determined after registration at the discretion of race management.
● Sailing instructions and course diagram will be available to all competitors at registration.

● All courses will be a WINDWARD / LEEWARD Inline Course with Darling Marks.
● A diagram of the race course will be posted on the Official Notice Board and a copy for each skipper will be available at registration.
● All races will be 3 Laps.

● All DN class yachts meeting the requirements of the DN official specifications and whose skippers meet the requirements of the bylaws of the IDNIYRA are eligible to enter and race in the Championship.
● All participants shall provide proof of $300,000 personal liability insurance prior to receiving registration packet. Advance submission is strongly preferred, via upload to the Championship website or by mail to the Secretary/Treasurer at 1200 East Broadway, Monona, WI USA 53716.
● Entries who fail to provide proof of insurance prior to or at registration WILL NOT be allowed to race.
● Competitors may be required to complete a Safety Test as part of registration.

● Best available ice in the Western Region with necessary amenities as close as possible. The target geography includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri. If none is available, sites in other regions will be considered.
● Regatta headquarters and launch site(s) will be posted on the Championship website located at: idniyra.org

● Please help organizers by registering as far in advance as possible and no later than
December 31, 2019. Registrations received after this date will be assessed a $50
convenience fee. Entries received after December 23, 2019 will not receive a customized giveaway item and preferred size may not be available.
● Electronic registration via the Championship website at idniyra.org is strongly preferred. Mail-in registrations will be accepted, but they must be RECEIVED by December 31, 2019 to avoid the $50 convenience fee and be guaranteed any giveaway item.
● Standard Entry Fee: $150 (U.S. Dollars)
● Junior Entry Fee (25 and under): $75
● Novice/Returning Sailor (Have not competed in Championship in last 5 years): $50
● No entry fee will be accepted after the close of registration (refer to schedule of events). If regatta location moves prior to the first race, registration may be reopened.
● Convenience fee is waived for European competitors. These competitors are requested to notify the Secretary/Treasurer that they will be attending. secretary.idniyra@gmail.com

● December 23, 2019: Registration deadline to guarantee customized giveaway item
● December 31, 2019: Registration deadline to avoid $50 convenience fee.
● January 15, 2020, 9:00 pm, CST: Anticipated announcement of primary site posted on Championship website
● January 19, 2020, 4:30 pm local time: Opening Ceremony
● January 19, 2020, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm local time: Registration. Location to be listed on the IDNIYRA website.
● January 20, 2020 first race at time stated in sailing instructions.
● January 20, 2020; 7:00 pm: Optional Speed Symposium Session w/food and drink
● January 21, 2020; 8:00 pm: Class Meeting
● January 24, 2018 racing is concluded with Prize Giving to follow.


For all media inquiries, please contact
Deb Whitehorse
+1 608 347 3513


January 18-25, 2020
Hosted by the Western Region
Important Dates:

    • December 23, 2019: Registration deadline to guarantee customized giveaway item
    • December 31, 2019: Registration deadline for early entry fee.
    • January 15, 2020, 9 PM CST:
      Primary site info to be posted on IDNIYRA website
    • January 21, 2020,
      Registration 6 – 6:30 PM MT
      Regatta HQ: Cottonwood Inn
      Glasglow, MT
      6:30 PM MT Opening Ceremony
      7:00  – 9 PM MT: Optional Speed Symposium Session w/ heavy hors d’oeuvres and drink
    • January 22, 2020: First race at time stated in sailing instructions.
      8:00 PM: Annual Class Governing Meeting
    • Thursday, January 23, 2020
      7 PM MT Dinner Buffet & Raffle
    • Friday, January 24, 2020 racing is concluded with Prize Giving after racing at Regatta HQ.
      (Providing 3 Gold Fleet races)


2020 IDNIYRA Annual Meeting Agenda
Agenda And Proposals For The 2020 DN North American Annual MeetinG

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